Stop Terrorism, Increase Wellbeing, Get Connected to Increase Profits… Here’s How

The face of the commercial property industry is changing, which will inevitably filter to the residential sector pretty quickly. It’s time to sit up and get involved, because the property industry is about to become a more beautiful place centred around tenant’s wellbeing. What you will be pleased to hear is that by getting involved, […]

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comparable evidence, mortgage value, challenge

Comparable Evidence And It’s Role in Your Mortgage Valuation

Hi Property Investment Lovers! I have something really awesome to share with you today- it’s been a subject we are discussing over at the booming Property Investment Mastery Group. And to mix things up, I thought I’d put the topic of Comparable Evidence And It’s Role in Your Mortgage Valuation into a nifty Challenge format. Why […]

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Why Location Doesn’t Matter As Much As EXPERTISE… STOP SHEEP INVESTING

Yup, you guessed it… EXPERTISE trumps Location (no matter how you look at it) I went on a trip to Nottingham this week to look at a potential property for my portfolio. I had been told by so many other Investors that Nottingham has past it’s sell by date with yields and finding good deals… […]

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