1:1 Mastermind

This is the ultimate property investment mentorship. If you want to know how to invest in property. You want to expand your property portfolio. You want that passive income stream fast. Then I will work with you as your Property Investment Mentor, to buy investment property that will accelerate your success quickly.

All 1:1 Mentorships are tailored to you.


  • 1:1 Calls – At least 1 hour call with me a week. If you need to catch up further then email me and we can chat again, or WhatsApp me and I will come straight back to you
  • What To Expect On A Call – On every call I make sure you have actionable tasks and hold you accountable so that keep making progress. I expect you to turn up to the call prepared and ready to act. Between calls I expect you to work on the strategy set out on the call so that you get the most success out of the program.
  • Deal Analysis – Whenever you have a deal that you want me to look at, you can email it through to me and I will help you to analyse the deal and assess if it’s suitable for your goals.
  • Finance – I will also help you to find financing through working with you to find investors and lenders, so that you can constantly find money on demand. I will work with you to formulate pitches to investors so that you can maximise your success at getting finance.
  • Strategy & Portfolio Planning – With every single property that we look at together I will work with you on the strategy of what you would do if you buy the property, how to maximise its potential and make sure that it’s working for you. Once under offer and in solicitor’s hands, we will go straight onto the next property. Momentum will be key to your success and achieving your goals.

How Do I know That This Is Right For Me?

  • You are building a property portfolio that you are super passionate about
  • You want to build a customized strategy that falls inline with the success you desire
  • You are looking to raise money on demand, every time you find a property you want to invest in
  • You want 1:1 support from someone who always answers your questions
  • You are ready to make progress fast
  • You know the power of investing in your property portfolio and are committed to giving the support you need so that you can achieve your property investing goals

You are my Number 1 Priority

Through the Mentorship, I will give you 100% and it’s important that you meet me there with your 100% too as that’s how you will guarantee your own success. If you ask a question it is my priority to answer it for you and be there to support you, it’s like having your own personal surveyor in your pocket. 

I only take on a handful of 1:1 Mentorship Clients so that you always have my attention.

FEES: Fees start at £5000 for a 2 month period.

If you are ready to take action, click here to fill out the application form. Let’s see if we are a good fit!




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