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Property is a love, passion, lifestyle and career

Natasha Collins MRICS - Property Investment Mastery

Natasha Collins BSc MSc MRICS

Welcome to NC Real Estate, my firm of surveyors. I’m a Chartered Surveyor, University Lecturer (in Property Management), Well Being Advocate, Public Speaker and have an overwhelming passion to make sure that you succeed in the property industry.

I give you the tools to increase your own property success, be your own greatest asset and get out their right now to live it yourself.

My secret formula is that I believe that education, awesome training and 1:1 support gives you the confidence and power to achieve your goals.


The Members Club {My Proudest Creation}

I set up the Members Club so that Landlords and Property Investors have one go to space where they can find tools to upscale their assets, find honest guidance, trustworthy support and achieve their individual goals.

This is a place where individuals take action and are part of a community of like minded, successful investors who support one another. Best of all, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

Investors hit the ground running from the get go, achieving results within weeks…. buying 3 properties within 3 weeks, turning bad credit history into a profitable portfolio, going under offer with first buy to let within 4 weeks… if you have a property goal, it’s achievable here!

Becoming a Member will empower you to revolutionise your portfolio, no matter where you are stuck right now (yes that’s even YOU if you are struggling to find finance). I can help you overcome any hurdle and become a property champion.

Click the link below to supercharge your property journey:

Join The Members Club

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“I love everything ‘property’! My background in surveying has definitely lead to an increased appreciation of London’s architecture.”


I love my fellow property investors.

If you’ve taken the plunge and are battling with a property portfolio – I am right here to support every aspect of your property journey! 

Why not get started right now and jump into our Members Club where you will get:

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Weekly strategy seminars
  • Private Members Club
  • Action tasks
  • Quick shifts (so you can get moving quickly)
  • Monthly packages hosted by me and my awesome colleagues!

This is everything you need to keep moving on your property journey!

The Members Club

Outside of Property

Summer and I paddle boarding on the Thames

As well as my love for property, I have a couple more passions that I also enthusiastically chat about. I have beautiful Jackaraniaun pup called Summer.

I love to travel and now revel in the challenge of finding awesome spots where Summer can come with us.

I’m a keen runner, paddleboarder and gym go-er.

Property isn’t my bee all and end all, but it certainly gives me opportunities to go and live life to it’s fullest!