2018: Investment Hotspots

It’s in my interest to be in the know with the UK hotspots for investing. It helps me look at potential opportunities with the Members’ Club Members and it also means that I am in the know. When on the lookout for new places to invest in, it’s always wise to look at areas earmarked […]

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Why I’m Throwing Out ‘Busy’ and Why You Should Too!

I’ve had enough of people telling me they are ‘busy’, what on earth does it even mean. Traditional conversations go like this: ‘Hi, how are you?’ ‘I’m good thanks, busy…’ ‘Good busy or bad busy?’ It’s an absolute non-conversation, but something that I regularly seemed to be having. I realised that I when I used […]

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rise of austerity

The Rise of Austerity?

I’ve never before REALLY looked into the term ‘austerity’. It’s a term that seems to be banded about every time something bad happens or there’s a general election. When terms are seemingly used for everything I switch off…I assume the person talking about it generally doesn’t know what it is either. Naïve or not, I […]

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