My heart is so full of gratitude. There are so many people that help make NC Real Estate’s world go round. This is the first step in my saying thank you to everyone who has given up their time and gotten involved with NC Real Estate – NC

Chris Cairns

Thank you very much for being the strength to push myself into making this company work. Without your belief that everything would be OK I don’t think I would have gone as far as I have today!

Lorenza Allan

My assistant who does absolutely everything she can to make NC Real Estate a huge success. Her determination is incredible and I love working with her!

Riette Van Zyl

My previous assistant, thank you for all of the work and dedication you put in to keeping this business organised, grounded and soaring. It’s great to work with you and you are always so reassuring, nothing is ever a problem.

Simon Jennings

Managing Director, Roots Creative – Thank you for driving the website and marketing forward and always listening when I have a new idea or worries about direction, it’s greatly appreciated!

Boz (Chris) Harold

Creative Director, Roots Creative – Thank you for building this beautiful website and patiently listening and then doing every time I want to change something!

Katie May

Operations Manager, Roots Creative – Thank you for monitoring my social media, especially Twitter, which has gone from strength to strength.

Ali Kubba

Alpha Creative Media – Thank you for filming and editing the course, I had a lot of fun filming and your mentoring on going out on your own gave me a lot of comfort!

Melanie Collins

Thank you for coming up with he most original ideas and coming to help whenever I have needed it with redeveloping properties or fixing problems.

Amy Collins

Thank you for helping whenever you can with whatever you are asked. It means a lot and you don’t even complain!! Thank you also for being on the phone in the mornings to listen to my musings.

Sophie Collins

Thank you for listening and getting excited about my business.

Adrian Collins

Thank you for being at the end of the phone and listening patiently every time i need to let off steam.

Betty Collins (Grandma)

Thank you for giving me a new direction in being an entrepreneur and making me slow down to your pace.

Parita Kansara

Lionheart – Thank you for taking my wellbeing course, being super supportive and then running with it.

Shaun Neal

Business Partner at NC & NCC Investments Ltd – Thank you for seeing my business qualities and wanting to work with me. Our London investment collaboration works so well.

Laura Pearce & Rach Cass

Thank you for being so supportive and listening to me and my plans, honestly I love talking to you guys about it!

Lydia Saywell

Thank you, your idea about getting the RICS on board was awesome, it happened!

Ramina Jenkins

Thank you for believing in my plan listening to my brainstorm and coming and helping filming!

Dani Fisk

Your Property Network – Thank you for giving us the 2 months free subscription to Your Property Magazine and working with us to make sure that it worked well for our clients.

Danny Stevens

Pocket Deed – Thank you for writing such an awesome guest blog for me.

Alex Hickman

The Property Factory / Rent 2Own – Thank you for doing such a great interview for the NCRE blog.

Right Surveyors

Thank you for being the first company to feature a guest blog from me and thank you for repaying the favour!

Nik Shamaro

Better Property Investor (Podcast) – Thank you for doing a great interview with me, I had a lot of fun!

Lukas Sheen

Vamoove – Thank you for taking the time to provide an open an honest interview and blog post

Note: If you are reading this and think ‘I deserve to be on here’ and you aren’t, then I’m sure I will get around to putting you on here. It may just be the next time I’m editing content!

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