Invest in Commercial Property in 2020

Would it help you to have AT LEAST an extra £1,800 in your bank account each month? I’m running an exclusive buy your first commercial property investment mastermind. This is your opportunity to leverage the powers of commercial property to increase your cash flow by at least £21,600 per annum.


Hi Guys, my name is Paul Percival.

  I have a small reupholstery business based in Caerphilly South Wales, from which, I live on a modest salary and value any uplift from this. I have been a full member with NCRE for 11 months to date , and I found Natasha & co to be extremely knowledgable & helpful regarding my commercial journey, I genuinely would not have had the confidence to go through with my complicated deal without Natasha's vast experience in this sector.  

Today I find myself better off by £1800 on a monthly basis, just from this one deal, which makes a huge difference for my family, but more importantly you cannot put a price on having a professional team like this, who have done these deals many times over and know the potential pitfalls, and confidently guide you through every step of the way, especially when you have some huge financial decisions to make, which I for one can't afford to get wrong, so we are looking forward to 2020 with so much more optimism knowing we had a team of experts to our fingertips.  

  A big thanks to all the team involved!

I currently own a portfolio of single lets and have decided to diversify and add some commercial to it. One of the reasons I decided to work with Natasha is due to her extensive knowledge and experience working in the commercial property sector. She has helped me to understand the various intricacies involved, including factors affecting commercial property values, feasibility analysis including the best use class for the property, measurement of the property, zoning of retail premises plus a 20 year cashflow analysis. She has also advised me on how to secure a strong covenant and negotiate favourable terms with them.  

Natasha is great - she has excellent knowledge and is very engaging and enthusiastic in what can be a very complicated subject!

Sarah Hall

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