5 Steps to Opposing Service Charge Without Getting Legal

Let’s look at the 5 Steps I’ve suggested to oppose service charge without getting legal This week I was sent a service charge bill for one of my flats that 230% higher than the bill I received when I bought the flat 2 years ago. I was absolutely shocked! It was excessive considering the level…

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3 simple techniques to gaining confidence

Confidence Failure & 3 SIMPLE TECHNIQUES To Conquer It

Confidence failure is the natural goal killer of property investors. You know why? Well, when things start going wrong within a portfolio, Landlords start to doubt themselves. They question whether they actually know what they are doing, whether they are good enough to continue along their path, whether they will actually manage the stresses and…

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Compassion, success, kindness

Getting through the week with Compassion

Hello everybody- yes, you did it again! You made it through another week. Take a look back at this past week, what were your successes? (I’m giving you a virtual high-5 for them!) It’s also really important to look at what didn’t work so well. What could you have done differently? No matter how experienced…

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