What’s My Strategy?

Whenever I go to events and speak or do an interview I’m ALWAYS ask what’s my investment strategy. I know this sounds crazy as an outsider from my mind, but I always wonder why the devil they want to know what I’m doing, when I’m far more interested in what they are doing. However, when […]

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5 Step Guide To Make Sure You Get A Buy-To-Let Mortgage Every Time You Apply – Even With Tougher Finance Restrictions

It’s tougher than ever to get a buy to let mortgage at the moment. With stricter controls around who gets finance and who doesn’t’, interest rates rising for the first time in 10 years and Landlords with 4 or more properties being hit hard by a lengthy application process. It can seem nigh on impossible […]

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Fury over fire safety

Fury Over Fire Safety

Fury Over Fire Safety…and for good reason My fury over fire safety is increasing a thousand fold. The terrible events at Grenfell Tower last week should not have happened. A tower block going up in flames so quickly, without compartmentalised common parts stopping it spreading and no fire safety apparatus available to get ALL residents […]

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