Designed to get you under offer on your next Commercial Property Investment 


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Designed to get you under offer on your next Commercial Property Investment

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Average Results from Current Clients:

On average it takes 94 days to go under offer on the first deal

This service is tailor made to you and will make sure that you go under offer on your next commercial property investment in the next 9 months or your money back.

We’re committed to making sure that you buy that commercial property that hits your goals and that’s why we want to be there for you week after week for 9 months to make sure you get there.

I know there’s a gap for a fast track, done with you service to get you under offer and therefore this is the new service we’ve produced: The Accepted Offer Accelerator (AOA).

This Accelerator will make you focus on that one next property (no distractions) and will help you confidently invest in your next commercial property and know that the property you choose is a good deal and that your offer is at the right place. 

As it’s tailored to you, you choose the goal. 

Whether that be a property you purchase in your SSAS to increase your cash flow and to optimise your pension and legacy. Or to purchase in your own name or Ltd company via cash or finance and to still achieve a great yield that will enable you to springboard onto the next property. Or maybe a sprinkling of all of the above…

Over 9 months you’ll have access to unlimited 30 minute 1:1  sessions. You’re invited to as many sessions as you want to attend, we recommend taking time to come to at least one session a week (if we don’t hear from you we will be checking in as accountability is our thing).

Each week the calendar will be open for the following 7 days, you will be able to book up to two calls per week. 

THE 1:1 SESSIONS are here to help you with the following:

  • Setting your goals for this next property purchase
  • Identifying your right search location 
  • Deal analysis of properties that you have found: so you know what price to offer
  • Negotiating on the property purchase
  • The right strategy that you should implement post property purchase  
  • Getting traditional funding
  • Accessing private investment (we can direct you where to go for this)
  • And anything else you’d typically ask on a Q&A, but you’ll get it in a personal 1:1 setting.

Ultimately the 1:1 calls will hold you accountable and also push you forward to getting that next property under offer.

→ No more waiting two weeks and hoping that your deal gets chosen for a masterclass in the Members Club.

→ No more waiting for replies from the team who may be busy with other clients

You will now be in OUR personal top priority group.

My No 1 goal for FY2024 is to purchase my 1st and 2nd commercial property, so when the opportunity to join the AOA programme was presented to me, it made perfect sense.    

Getting your head around the nuances of analysing a deal correctly, negotiating the terms to gain the right yields in line with your personal objectives can be challenging when doing it alone.   

I have gained a lot of experience in 2.5 months.  Knowing that Natasha is available for 30 min daily calls to assist in quickly qualifying out, moving to the next stage and  clarifying any questions on the lease has been invaluable.   Knowing that you have a Chartered Surveyor and Investor in your pocket to discuss any type of query to allow you to make the right decision is priceless.  


Joined AOA on 29th August 2023 and made her first offer on the 11th October 2023

I have found the Accepted Offer Accelerator really works – so much so, that I had an offer accepted within 8 weeks!  I’d been part of the Members’ Club for 12 months, which has been invaluable in developing my knowledge of commercial property – I’m an experienced residential investor, but hadn’t had any involvement with commercial property.   

The Accepted Offer Accelerator has helped to develop that knowledge further, but more importantly, my confidence to be able to negotiate with agents and having someone else hold me accountable, has really made a difference.  It’s been useful to have direct access to Natasha, and to discuss several potential deals in one call. 

The money back guarantee means it’s a low risk investment, although with one offer accepted and negotiations ongoing on another, it’s looking like it’s achieved it’s aims already!


Joined AOA on 24th July 2023 and was under offer on her first commercial unit in Burton-On-Trent for £230,000 on the 30th August 2023... 36 days later. The property is fully tenanted bringing in £21,250pax. Helen went under offer on her second property on the 7th December 2023, a single let commercial property with a long term lease bringing in £15,000pax and costing £185,000.

Joined AOA on 17th July 2023 and was under offer on his first commercial unit in Willenhall for £160,000 on the 19th October. This will be converted into 2 commercial units and 7 flats with the potential to bring in £62,400pax.


Joined AOA on 7th August 2023 and made his first offer on the 14th September 2023. Mark went under offer on the 1st December 2023 on a property with 2 commercial units for £150,000 with the potential to bring in £18,000pax.



  • Just to de-risk it entirely for you, we offer you a full money-back guarantee if you don’t have an offer accepted on a property within 9 months of starting AOA.
  • Why 9 months?

  • This gives us enough time to get under offer, plus for me to help you through the conveyancing process and onwards to the next deal! I want to set you up properly going forward.

  • We will only refund you if you’ve done the following:

    Researched properties – every so often we’ll ask you how many you’ve found. 

  • Put in at least 10 offers / bid on 10 properties at auction depending on what route you choose to go down.
  • Gone on at least 20 viewings over the 9 months (that’s only just over 2 a month).

For anyone who’s looked at 12 month masterminds before, you’ll see we’ve priced this extremely attractively while we test it as a potential new service to be able to offer more widely in the future.  

Just as a reminder, you get access to Natasha.

We’re opening up a limited number of spots for just £5,995 + VAT  

Plus we’re offering a special BONUS:

if you refer a friend to the AOA program AND they start within 30 days of you starting, both you and your friend will receive a £500 discount off of the service! 

Ready to experience the benefits of the Accepted Offer Accelerator 

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