Are you ready to go under offer on your next commercial property investment?

With a team of Surveyors in your Pocket to guide you along the way

Are you ready to go under offer on your next commercial property investment?

With a team of Surveyors in your Pocket to guide you along the way



Have you hit a wall? Typical challenges include:






Does this sound familiar… you’re frustrated by your limited knowledge and experience in commercial property investment, plus a lack of funding seems holding you back from seizing lucrative opportunities and time constraints and confidence issues are hindering your success.

It’s an invaluable source of help and information… which has enabled me to progress with my property journey with so much more confidence… making my profits leap up by 22k per annum to date… without taking into account capital gains we’ve achieved along the way.

Paul Percival

Introducing NC Real Estates Members Club

It’s the ONLY place where you can get unlimited Professional Commercial Property Investment advice ON DEMAND from a team of Chartered Surveyors on demand for less than £5.47 per day (Yes, less than your breakfast Latte and Almond Croissant 😉).

We hear you…

And we have a solution! By having Team NCRE in your corner you could have:

  • An established and thriving property business with a diverse portfolio of commercial assets.
  • Consistent and substantial cash flow from rental income, providing financial freedom and flexibility.
  • Your pension funds (SSAS/SIPP) working hard in strategic property investments.
  • Successfully executed value-add strategies, maximizing returns and adding significant value to properties.
  • Achieved specific financial goals (we’re talking minimum 5 figure months), such as generating a monthly recurring income or accumulating a significant number of properties.
  • Enhanced financial security and potential for early retirement PLUS generational wealth.
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded commercial property investors for ongoing networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Plug and Play templates which mean potential investments fall into your inbox.

Mainly it’s been confidence and knowledge building for me -being able to engage in all the fantastic resources on Members Club, podcasts, emails, Facebook posts and from meeting other members. I go and find things as and when situations arise and I need them. When there hasn’t been any information on a subject, I’ve approached Natasha directly and of course she’s helped point me in the right direction immediately and suggest solutions I hadn’t thought of.

Bren Parkins Knight

I have just started my entrepreneurial property journey and found NCRE at the perfect time. The training in commercial property really helped finish rounding my base level property knowledge. I thought NCRE provides amazing value, really active engaging community full of equally experienced property professionals. The surveyors in the community are very clued up and they always go out there way to answer any questions you have. It’s a 10/10 from me 😃

Ben Ross

Inside the Members Club you’ll

learn how to:

  • Identify the NEXT RIGHT commercial property investment for your portfolio and use it to keep scaling until you hit your goals
  • Correctly analyse a deal within minutes to make sure you’re offering at the right price and factoring in all elements of risk… so you’re actually buying a completely de-risked property!
  • Have your offer accepted on any property you choose at a price that’s right for your portfolio. No more wondering if you’ve over offered.
  • Understand exactly how the commercial property industry works and get inside the mind of a Surveyor in only 15 minutes a day… using our plug and play guides and templates.
  • Create the financial and generational wealth you require to make sure you’re finances secure your family for years to come.
  • Do all of this for properties in England, Scotland and Wales.


A wealth of resources and guidance from our experienced team, including:

Access to Industry Databases

We have them all, even the expensive ones.

Masterclasses, Templates & Resources

Access to actionable content and a roadmap to build a property portfolio that aligns with your goals.


Interact, ask questions, and get feedback from the NCRE team and other Members.

Deal Analysis Masterclass

Our signature call. Bring your deal and a team of 4 surveyors will analyse it in detail. The result: You can decide whether to buy or not and what price to offer at!

Member Case Study Calls

Members bring the deals they’ve just completed on and share their experience. The good the bad and the ugly.

Economy, Legal and Regulatory Updates

Understand the industry as it changes and what you need to do about it.

BONUS: Save £2,469 + VAT in online commercial and residential data subscriptions per annum!


YES THAT’S RIGHT! More than your Members Club subscription fees!!

Commercial Property data at your fingertips. Usual membership £2,400 + VAT per year. With a Members’ Club Subscription  its ONLY £395 + VAT per annum, thats a £2,005 saving annualy!!

UK wide auction data for commercial and residential properties. We love using it to find comparable yields! Usually its £525 + VAT per annum, with a Members’ Club subscription its £325 + VAT per annum. This saves you £200 per annum!

Residential property data from across the UK. Usually the unlimited plan is £52 + VAT per month. With a Members’ Club subscription its £30 + VAT per month. Saving you £264 annually on the subscription.


A sneak peak inside the Members Club

I’ve found the Members Club to be extremely helpful with my property journey and now I couldn’t live without it. Natasha’s videos and uploads are very informative with the right amount of help and guidance to keep me moving forward. With Natasha’s help I’ve reached all my property goals since being part of the Members Club.

Now it’s time to grow some more!

David Clements

Where our Members are Located and Investing:

Members Club Map



Joining NCRE changed everything for me, I was moving from residential to commercial investing and had taken 18 months during Covid to study all aspects of commercial property.

Getting frustrated with the slow progress I joined NCRE (I should have just joined NCRE in the first place) with their knowledge, experience, and coaching I accelerated three times as fast.
I think it’s a good deal, but is it? I was finding deals in my local area not knowing if they were any good or not, the weekly Deal Analysis Masterclass calls changed all that; open honest feedback on my first deal saved me thousands of £’s, things I hadn’t thought to look at, made what looked like a great deal, into a bad deal, move on to the next, just what I needed to move forward with confidence.
The team is friendly, open, and honest, with no hidden agenda, unlike so many other groups. I was a complete beginner and felt welcome from day one. The wealth of experience in the group is phenomenal!
With the help of NCRE I have moved from small local deals to looking at large multi-occupancy deals across the country, something I’d never imagined, all possible with the help of NCRE.
I can not recommend joining NCRE enough

Ian Welsh


Natasha Collins MRICS

Specialises in Property Investment Strategy and Asset Management

Nicola Endacott Senior Surveyor

Head of Community and Operations

Harriet Barry MRICS

Specialises in all things Property Management

Sam Coleman MRICS

Specialises in Residential Property and Sustainability as well as Commercial Property Management

Caroline Saxon MRICS

Specialises in Commercial Property Valuations and Lease Advisory (Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals and Leasing Strategy)

Steve Wallis

Specialises in Investor Finance and the Economy

If you hired Team NCRE  to build and run your property portfolio PLUS implement everything within the Members Club, you’d be paying a minimum of £20,000 + VAT /annum.

Instead let us become part of your team and guide you through running your own property portfolio for less than £2,000 + VAT/annum

My wife and I have found the membership to the NCRE Club to be by far the most valuable subscription we have committed to, The amount of knowledge, competence and wisdom is second to none. The degree of participation of the audience is way higher than we could have ever expected. The resources, zooms and other tools at your disposal make it compelling value!

GP and Leeanne

NC Real Estate offers a 100% risk-free money back guarantee to ensure your confidence when enrolling in the Members Club. With our 7-day money back guarantee, you can buy, try, and apply our resources and if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund. There’s no risk involved, so you can enroll with peace of mind.



  • Looking to establish and grow a thriving property business with a diverse portfolio of commercial assets.
  • Seeking consistent and substantial cash flow from rental income, offering financial freedom and flexibility.
  • Interested in making your pension funds (SSAS/SIPP) work hard through strategic property investments.
  • Eager to execute value-add strategies effectively, maximizing returns and adding significant value to properties.
  • Focused on achieving specific financial goals, such as generating a minimum five-figure monthly income or accumulating a significant number of properties.
  • Wanting to enhance financial security, work towards early retirement, and create generational wealth.
  • In need of a supportive community of like-minded commercial property investors for ongoing networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Looking for convenient Plug and Play templates that deliver potential investment opportunities straight to your inbox.

The NCRE members club is a tremendous opportunity for an investor to work with a boutique firm of regulated surveyors who provide support in selecting, securing and stabilising commercial and mixed use real estate using proven asset management techniques. Engaging with UK wide fellow members brings new ideas to an investor’s wealth planning options as you see weekly deal analysis deep dives on all asset classes.

Stephen G

If you’ve made it this far you owe it to yourself to build a property portfolio that works for YOU.

Yes, we live in uncertain times, but there are always opportunities to capture. In a market downturn it’s the best time to buy properties at discounted prices and prime them ready for when the market picks up again… you’ll be at the forefront of the boom.

Don’t let another year go by where you look back and wish you made investing in commercial property your priority. Ultimately we can’t time the market, the best time to invest was in the past, the second best time to invest is NOW.

The doors to the Members Club are only open for a limited time and every time the doors open the price goes up a little bit more, so you want to choose to jump in now and secure this price forever!


What truly set NCRE apart was their personalised approach to learning and with a deep understanding of my personal goals. The team were accessible and always willing to provide guidance and answer my questions, whether it was during the live sessions or through their online support system. The interactive nature of the being a part of the members club allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions with the group, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Ian Henderson

Join the waiting list NOW and we’ll let you know when the Members’ Club is next open!