Asset Management

Let us build your commercial property portfolio with you

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Let us build your commercial property portfolio with you.

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We work with you on a 1:1 basis to build your Commercial Property Portfolio from the ground up.

We’re here to stop you from making mistakes from day 1.

Our Asset management service is tailored to you

Asset Management involves looking at your goals, as our client, and putting in place the strategy to acquire, hold and if desired to dispose of a property or all of the properties within your portfolio after they hit the portfolio goals. During the hold period our role is to work with you to continuously improve the value of the property, whilst keeping it maintained and up to date with mandatory standards.

Targets for each property will also include your portfolio goals. If there is something important to you, such as sustainability or types or development, then we will also work to move the properties towards hitting those targets within the required time frame.

We also understand that goals continue to shift and therefore once a quarter we will relook at your goals and adjust where necessary.


  • Using your goals, putting together a portfolio strategy with key targets
  • Finding the right commercial property deals for you to invest in
  • Negotiating on property deals and overseeing the purchase process
  • Formulate a long term strategy to maximise the value of each property.
  • Implement a leasing and letting strategy
  • Support you in putting together an accounting system so that you can collect rent.
  • Manage the portfolio team, such as building surveyors, structural surveyors, letting agents, accountants, bookkeepers, solicitors and any lenders if new are going to be remortgaging to repay the SSAS.


Southport – Retail building with option to covert uppers to residential. Purchase price £190,000. Rental income £20,000pax



Wantage – Retail Arcade purchased for £640,000 with tenants on licenses paying £62,000 per annum upgraded to FRI leases at circa £71,000pax

Barnstaple – Mixed Use building, 2 x retail and 1 x resi purchased at £375,000 and generating £39,800pa


Helston – mixed use building 1 x retail and 3 x resi purchased for £230,000 and generating £25,000pa

Newark – Purchased for £231,000 bringing in a rent of £18,000pax with the option of turning the upper parts into residential to refinance at £400,000

The Benefit of using our ASSET management service

  • Tailored Portfolio Strategy: We align with your goals, devising a portfolio strategy with key targets.
  • Expert Deal Identification: We find lucrative commercial property deals for your investment, negotiating and overseeing the purchase process.
  • Value Maximization: Long-term strategies are implemented to maximize the value of each property in your portfolio.
  • Comprehensive Support: We assist in setting up an accounting system, manage the portfolio team, and handle leasing, letting, and tenant negotiations.
  • Deal Analysis: We analyse deals weekly from both our own sources and deals you like on industry databases, contacting agents and industry connections, ensuring thorough deal evaluations.
  • Letting Agent Management: We work with y0ur chosen agent to actively seek tenants for vacant spaces, negotiate terms, and coordinate with letting agents if necessary.

  • Legal and Strategic Expertise: We provide legal and strategic advice, ensuring your property operates efficiently and profitably.

  • Insurance and Financial Advice: We help secure buildings insurance and offer guidance on outstanding arrears and financial management.

  • Continuous Support: From managing your property to advising on service charges and lease renewals, we are always available to answer your queries, ensuring your property portfolio aligns with your goals effectively.

By choosing our Asset Management service, you can optimise your property investments by leveraging our tailored portfolio strategies, expert deal identification and  legal and financial expertise, ensuring your investments thrive while we handle the intricacies of building a commercial property portfolio.



Locations we do Asset Management in, England, Wales, Scotland


Natasha Collins MRICS

Nicola Endacott Senior Surveyor

Harriet Barry MRICS

Ready to experience the benefits of our Asset Management? 

Join the Waiting List. When you click Join the Waiting List you will be asked a series of questions about you and your property goals. We only accept 5 clients per year. When a spot opens up we will contact you to schedule a consultation to see if we are the right fit.

Our Fees

Our fees for this service are a £1,000 + VAT engagement fee plus £4,750 + VAT per quarter for 1 year.

What happens after year 1?

2 months before year 1 comes to an end we will reach out to you and give you details about how to continue working with us. Usually this will be on a Property Management basis with added consultancy. Fees to be agreed mutually according to what you need.

Can I cancel during the 1 year service?

You can canel at month 6 by giving us 30 days notice.

Expected input from you

We expect you to have search alerts on for commercial property and to provide us with the links to the properties that you like the look of so we can analyse them. This makes the process faster.

How do you communicate with Asset Management clients?

We believe in open communication and therefore will invite you to be a part of our methods of communication. You can decide how often you would like to be available.

Calls – A Member of your Asset Management team will get on either weekly or bi-weekly calls with you to update you on progress and get your input on the property deals. This will be about setting objectives and targets to achieve before the next call.

Trello – This is our project management system whereby we search for new deals and track progress of deals that are ongoing. Again we invite our clients to be a part of this so that you can see updates. 

How many properties can I expect to buy in year 1?

Usually we would expect you to be under offer on 1-2 properties by the end of year 1.

What isn't included within Asset Management?
  • Invoicing tenants or collecting money/service charge/insurance or chasing tenants for outstanding invoices
  • Letting commercial property  
  • Building or Structural Surveys
  • If our property management  service is not used, we cannot be the point of contact for tenants for maintenance. We will help you outsource this to another managing agent unless you would like to do this yourself in which case we will support you in setting this system up
  • Residential property management or letting
Can I contact someone before signing up for the waiting list?

Yes please email Natasha –

Is there a minimum amount of capital I need to have for this service?

You should have a minimum of £500,000 in your SSAS or in cash personally or in your Ltd company