Natasha Collins MRICS

Natasha Collins MRICS

Commercial Surveyor CEO / Founder


Getting to Grips with Commercial…

Outcome: The confidence to analyse a commercial property deal, know its value and where to offer so that it hits your return and yield goals

 What does the course training include?

Commercial Leases

Yield vs Return

Lease terms/terminology you have to be aware of

The 1954 Act 

✔ Commercial Valuations

How to handle comparable evidence

The all-important Commercial Deal Analysis (PLUS the template we use, and how we implement it in practice)

What do you get?

✔10 hours of structured learning which will inform you of the difference between residential and commercial property investment

✔ How to undertake commercial valuations and complete a deal analysis

✔ A deal analysis template used by surveyors to value and analyse the commercial property