30 Things I Learnt Before Turning 30

I’m 30 on Monday 18th March (have I already said it enough?!). It’s a big deal because I feel my 20’s were where I was learning to be me, and now I get to actually be me.


I saw that Taylor Swift recently wrote the same titled piece for Elle. Whilst, I’m not a mega star – I can relate in that fact, that I’ve learnt an awful lot… but feel like I’m only unwrapping the surface of what’s to come.


Here’s the top 30 things I learnt before turning 30…


  1. Time flies when you are having fun, but moves ever so slowly when things seem really tough… which is why I don’t often feel like time is moving quickly.
  2. I don’t need a massive friendship group to feel satisfied, I need a handful of really close friends, who no matter what I can tell anything too. I’m so lucky to have that.
  3. Drinking feels terrible in excess. Stick to one or two drinks at a time and then leave it at that. And, yes, it is OK to have a glass of wine on your own whilst reading a book… it doesn’t make you an alcoholic.
  4. If you try to stop things from moving forward, you want to stay stuck in one place. Life is going to get tough really quickly. So, move forward with it. Life is fluid.
  5. You aren’t moving at the same pace as ANYONE else, so stop comparing.
  6. Your investments are what see you through in the toughest time. Always invest your money so you can’t fritter it away.
  7. Not everyone will like you, that’s OK. That’s a reflection on them, not you.
  8. You take things personally and then think rationally. One day you won’t. But for now, it’s fine that you react in this way. You are learning.
  9. Charge what you are worth, not what someone else thinks you are worth. They weren’t your client anyway.
  10. Home can move, it’s where your stuff is and your family and you feel super safe and secure.
  11. Having a dog is rewarding… but having a puppy is D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T. Don’t look at Summer and think she just came like that. It took months of patience… and yes, she will always bark when you don’t want her to. It’s her nature.
  12. Seeing red and blacking out when you get angry stops at around 24. You won’t always be that crazy. I’m grateful that it doesn’t happen like that anymore!
  13. You don’t need to keep hold of every single property you buy. If it doesn’t work anymore, sell it, buy something else.
  14. You don’t need to panic when a bill arrives that it out of your reach. You will find a way of affording it. If you don’t, it’s not worth your time. As long as you’ve got money flowing into your bank from your income sources, you can make money to pay for the things you need.
  15. Your parents divorcing wasn’t a reflection on you, or them. They just changed.
  16. You do not need to work 24/7. You need to rest, and take lots of rest. Otherwise burnout strikes.
  17. Eye serum works to eliminate those dark circles.
  18. Only ever take out credit cards that you can easily control. I.e. You can see the money being spent from an app. Otherwise you won’t be able to manage it and then you get into debt. Stay in control and stick to your money dates.
  19. Travel often. Travel always. It’s how you understand the world.
  20. You uncovered your empathy at 21 after your Dad told you not to be so self-centred. Often this means you see someone else’s perspective and can understand their rationale. This may not be the common thought process, but don’t let that close your understanding of the world.
  21. You and your Mums relationship is golden. That doesn’t change as you move around the world.
  22. Moving cities is scary. Moving countries is scary. Don’t let that stop you from doing it again. You survived it and you will do it again.
  23. The fact that you are open to everyone’s opinions is a good thing. It means that you get a fuller understanding of the world.
  24. I love writing and journaling. That’s exactly how I let off steam.
  25. You can help people by sharing what you know and your knowledge. It’s also a fabulous gift that you know what you don’t know, you are honest about it. Stay honest, stay open, stay transparent.
  26. You need to work out to stay sane. 5 times a week (for 40 mins a time) plus dog walks seems to be that happy balance.
  27. Flexibility in how you work, suits you. Don’t trap yourself again, the world is a far more flexible place. You can always work your way.
  28. Imagine having a company full of incredible women who work with you… oh wait, you did that!
  29. Love is deeper than lust. It’s the unwavering commitment that you have that other person is love… no matter how many tantrums you throw trying to work it out.
  30. Your smile is an ice breaker, your willingness to listen and be vulnerable is an invitation in. Even that fact that you can be quite shy is endearing. You don’t ever need to be someone you aren’t.


There we have it. I hope my lessons have helped you too.


Thank you for being a part of the journey,