Trailblazing in the Property Industry

This week Sara Cameron, Rebecca Best and Danielle Lester come to talk to me about role models, confidence, imposter syndrome and more… it’s a conversation you definitely don’t want to miss! (You want to listen on your podcast platform, here’s the link: Here’s the video: If you want to continue the conversation, head over…

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I’ll Show You My Completion Statement

I’m celebrating this week… we finally sold the flat. As in actually completed and money in the bank.   It’s been a long time coming, especially because the previous Friday the buyer had ‘forgotten to draw down his finance’.   I’ve had to have a lot of patience with this deal. There was no chain……

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Rest : A Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. Whilst it felt heavy to get through (it took me weeks… I’m usually done with books within days). I actually took on the teachings and whilst reading it, started to change up my daily habits. To start,  the book harps on about how deliberate rest paves…

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