I know that electricity costs have been progressively getting higher… but I thought that it didn’t affect me, because I’d never noticed any substantial jump in my electricity costs.


Until this quarter, where one of my serviced accommodation properties hit costs of £523.52 for the quarter. I was blown away, thanks EDF, your charges have now become extortionate.


I emailed the other leaseholders in my building to ask about their electricity costs and they said similar, but hadn’t thought about switching….


Apart from the leaseholder below my flat who sent me Money Saving Experts Cheap Energy Club.


Armed with my most recent electricity invoice, plus 5 minutes of my time, I filled in the details of my property. My most recent actual bill (not estimated) and my meter details.


I was then given a list of energy providers, plus tariffs and my monthly cost.


I didn’t opt with the cheapest because I’d never heard of them… but I went to Bulb, mainly because they use renewable energy (remember I’m on a sustainability kick), plus they give you a small cash back on signing up… £12.50, but it’s better in my pocket then in theres.


I clicked the tariff and the switch started… that was all I had to do.


My new monthly costs are going to be £109… which is around £200 per quarter saving!! Hell yes 😀


I never, ever thought it would be that quick. When I used to manage a huge portfolio, I would outsource the switch to another company to do so I was never involved.




I get it, some of you probably know about this. However, it had absolutely never crossed my mind that it would be this simple which is why I thought I’d share.


If you want to try Bulb yourself, they gave me a referral link (RIGHT HERE). If you use it, I get £50 and you get £50, so it’s a win win!


Have you tried this? Which provider did you go with? Alternatively have you got any money saving tips? Comment below!

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