What to do when you first pick up the keys to a property.

I’m in the UK! Come with me as I inspect my new flat just after I pick up my keys so that you know what you should look out for.

You can listen to the full podcast, “After You Buy” here. But if you would prefer the video version of this podcast where I take you on a tour of my new flat, then click here to watch

Here are some timestamps to lead you through the podcast: 

>>[06:56] Find out what I do the minute I pick up the keys to a new property I’ve just bought.

>>[08:18] Let the tour of my new flat begin… I’m going to take you around it. Grab a pen and paper and show you exactly what to check for and what steps to take to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

>>[08:47] Checking the electrics. Have you got your safety electrical certificate?

>>[09:34] First stop: head to the bedroom. Test the wardrobes- do they open and close correctly. How are the blinds? Do they open and close correctly?

>>[11:00] Where is the water tank? Make sure it’s turned on. Test the water pressure too. Don’t forget to turn the heating on and keep it on for 12 hours + to make sure it’s working.

>>[12.25] Make sure to put warning signs on the windows if your flat is on an upper level. It may pose a threat to children staying on the property; so make it blatantly obvious.

>>[13:58] Test the washing machine – they can often trip the electrics in an old house.

>>[14:21] Dish washer test! Fridge/ freezer! Extraction fan/ stove and oven! Do a check as you don’t want tenants calling you up and complaining.

>>[16:47] Check the USB and plug sockets. Do they all work?

>>[17:20] Update council for tax purposes – while it is vacant it still needs to be accounted for.

>>[18:08] If you unable to come and inspect the property yourself make a detailed checklist and get them to signed off.

>[20:43] I’ll keep you updated when the flat is let! I’m so excited to see what this property brings.

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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