Aim for More – Make the Decision

I’m always on a look out for improving myself for the better, my motto is ‘aim for more’. I think that’s a trait of a business owner, constantly seeking self-improvement. I know I’m a little late to the Think and Grow Rich party, but that is my book of choice right now. A huge learning point from Napoleon Hill is on decision making, rather than procrastinating.

For a large number of people, they would rather beat around the bush than make a decision. However, it is a huge skill to learn, making a decision. It’s a skill I live by. I don’t like wasting time dithering over something, I would rather give something a try, and if it doesn’t work change it for the better. My reasoning, well if I didn’t do it, would it be something I chose to regret at a later date?

Of course I don’t choose yes or go ahead for every decision. I do relate every decision to where I want to go and what I want to try. If something seems to move me in the right direction, then yes let’s jump on it and give it a go. Nothing is permanent I can always change it.

A Decision That Could Have Gone Either Way

A few weeks ago, I choose to make a move on a property I had had my eye on. I had everything lined up, mortgage, deposit, refurb, but this week the owner decided not to sell. Yes, you may think that I’ve wasted my time, why make a decision when I hadn’t completely qualified the seller. Well, you never 100% know what’s going to happen and I’m not going to lose sleep over a little bit of work spent on one of many projects I’m working on.

However, the decision to go ahead served me incredibly well. I had arranged for the mortgage to be lined up with Precise, so I had filled in all of the documentation for my Ltd company. Even though the property deal had fallen through, Precise have since offered to be my lender for the next property. This means, less paperwork next time and I am safe in the knowledge that I have lending on more properties. Gut feeling that you are making the right decision, whether you get the outcome you were expecting, should always be your guide and it really is my guiding light.

So, I urge you this week, to make sharp decisions. Don’t ponder for days or weeks. Jump right on it and feel what works for you. If you need help in your property decisions then you can always get in contact with me I promise I’m a great sounding board and can help you see each side of the decision – email me: Natasha@ncrealestate.co.uk.

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