An unconventional believe that I hold about the Property Industry

An unconventional believe that I hold about the Property Industry

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Ooh. An unconventional belief that I hold is that in this industry, there are lots of people who are saying: ‘Hey, I’m ‘so and so’ and I’m the best at property investment, or, Hey, look at me. I’m doing this in property investment. Don’t look at anybody else’.

Whereas I firmly believe that collaboration is the way that we make this industry better. Everybody out here who’s a mentor or a guru has their own way of doing things and that’s completely fine.

What I think we need to do is we need to bring those strategies together and I’m far, far, far comfortable, more comfortable talking to other people and say, Hey, do you know what? I’m good. I’ve got my strategies. This is how I believe things should be run. But other people have different ways of doing things and it’s about finding that balance, but bringing all of that greatness together because that’s how we’re going to show that this industry is still a viable industry.

We’re out here doing absolutely incredible things and having that collaborative approach will mean that the government should go ‘do you know what?’ Actually, there’s something good going on here rather than all this rogue stuff.

Collaborations also single out the people who really do think that they are the dogs bo**ocks, and that they are just the only people who should be in the space, therefore won’t work with other people. Not true whatsoever.

When we work together, we make the industry a better place to be. We support one another. We build one another up, and that is my unconventional belief.

I don’t believe that it’s all for one. I believe if you like me, then you’re going to follow what I do and you, if you like my strategies and you’re going to use my strategies, but there’s not a one size fits all approach. And that is the beauty of having so many different players in this game. So we cannot work for by ourselves. We’ve always got to have a team around us and that, hey, that’s brilliant. That’s how we learn more. That’s how we become more innovative. And that’s ultimately how we achieve greater success.