(Please note that I use expletives in this blog, because this subject makes me mad)

Do you see stories out there where someone got started in property through ‘hustling hard and then wow they found an investor and then flash forward, they’ve got a portfolio or 100 and telling you they did it all by themselves and you should do the same’?

Have you also felt ashamed because someone gave you a lump of cash to do that thing you wanted, and when you share the story that person responds with ‘well lucky for you, you didn’t do that by yourself though!’

(Maybe you are even telling yourself that)

I’m calling out this BS.

I’m very open on my website’s “About Me” page, that I got started in investing because my parents loaned me £50k (which I paid back within 2 years).

No, my parents aren’t millionaires… at the time they were probably on less than £50k per annum combined. But, they had money in their house. I presented them a business plan for my first investment…

Hold up.

Sounds easy right?! Wrong.

I’d already been in the industry a few years. I’d gained knowledge. I was managing huge amounts of property for massive clients. I was working my ass off. That’s the reason my parents trusted me with the money.

Fast forward 9 years.

If I look back now, on the investments I’ve made. My growing business. My career. My education. My undeniable grit to make things work. That’s all me.

I’ve put up with horrendous situations. I’ve had ex-bosses try to take legal action against me because they are bully-boys (but had no leg to stand on when I fought back). I’ve pushed my body to burn out, to get my masters and subsequent chartership. I’ve almost bankrupted myself to build my business.

I have got where I am because I take risks. I keep going. I decide that I’m going to succeed.

So if you read my ‘About me’ story and think that someone else gave me the luck to get where I am now. F*ck you. Everything I have is the result of me working so hard to build this and I’m not stopping.

Yes, I have incredible people who I surround myself with and yes I’m so grateful to every single person who helps me and gives me advice.

However, I will not be put down for my origin story.

Wherever you start from. Whatever help you’ve been given along the way. That’s fine, fabulous even.

Do you know what got you to where you are now? YOU DID.

No one else can create your success. No one else can build the lifestyle you live.

So what, that someone supported you financially. So what, that someone helped you into the career you wanted.

This is me urging you to own your story. Keep going. Others will put you down when they feel life is unfair.

But guess what, we all know that we’ve got to work hard for what we want otherwise it doesn’t happen. And YES that means failing along the way, getting back up and trying again.

I’m calling BS on making other people feel ashamed of where they started. We all start from somewhere and we run with what we’ve got. If you want opportunities you’ve either got to find them or make them.

Do you agree?


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