Are You Making This 1 Deadly Mistake With Your Rental?

If you love your pets as much as I love my dog then you are going to want to read this and take immediate action.

Oh my gosh, I didn’t sleep… a stomach pump, £768 and a week’s worth of acid drops.

My dog was touch and go.

When we first arrived in New York we had temporary accommodation in a Brown Stone basement flat on 38thStreet. Right beside the Empire State.

The apartment was ‘dog friendly’ with a courtyard garden. Unheard of in the city…

I’d been sat on the raised flower bed wall watching Summer (my dog) chew a stick. When she started choking, screaming, heaving and then vomiting. Not once, but 19 times.

Running inside I noticed silvery metal strips littering the floor…

Turns out Summer had eaten the wire wool to stop mice. I’d never seen any mice in the flat and it never crossed my mind that there would be traps.

She likes to pull stuffing out of her toys and so wire wool stuffed behind the radiator was a good game for her.

Can you imagine, the panic induced thought as you imagine wire wool cutting up your dog’s insides?  

The horror was real. I believed she was going to die. After all, that’s why it’s used for mouse prevention…

Summer was at the vet within 45 mins. Stomach empty, she was eventually discharged.

Summer back paddling at Dog Beach!

I spent hours masking taping up all the radiators so she couldn’t get to the wire wool again.

If I was bloody minded I could have taken action against the Landlord. Using wire wool as pest control DOES NOT make it a pet friendly apartment.

Don’t Make This Mistake it’s deadly for your beloved animals.

If you have pests in your rental properties, use pet safe prevention:

  • Ultrasonic repellents – seriously works like a treat, mice hate the noise and vibrations
  • Peppermint oil (as long as you don’t have cats) – mice hate the smell so won’t come near
  • Fill holes with expanding foam then plaster over it
  • Or just use your dog and cat as repellents… usually if mice can smell them in the house they aren’t going to enter

Your dog is a family member, don’t put them in danger.

Do you have any pet safe pest control measures you can share? Comment below.

Don’t forget to share this so that no pets die because the tenant doesn’t know there’s pest control in their rental!