The property market is getting tricky.

There are so many blind spots in the industry wrapped up like Christmas Presents, that investors/buyers just simply don’t notice.

And that is where it will cost you long term.

It may look really nice that some new build apartment block developers have decided to hand out £0 ground rents and 999 year leases (how kind). 

But you read through the lease and realise they charge you £200 in admin fees every time you put in place a new AST…

To be a competent investor you MUST ? READ ? EVERYTHING. That includes any lease. Any title deeds. Any special conditions in the auction catalogue.

Yes, you pay a solicitor to do this… but everyones human and may miss something thats vitally important to you. You also owe a duty of care to yourself to make sure you are as informed as possible.

So in this weeks podcast I’m going through all of the blind spots I’m seeing in the property industry right now and how to avoid them.

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