I have brought the NC Real Estate Blog home! This is such a super exciting announcement. The blog will is now  hosted on www.ncrealestate.co.uk rather than .uk so make a note of this!

Why the web address is changing

As the NC Real Estate brand grows I want you to be able to get all of our amazing content in one place.

NC Real Estate’s blog is a property blog like no other. It gives you all the latest property know how in easily accessible form.

It provides you with information on property management, investment and my journey through entrepreneurship.

Why I’m qualified to help you

Often, great property content is pretty difficult to find because there is a hard-sell behind it. As a result, this blog is changing that by giving you the honest picture of what’s going on.

Moreover, I am a chartered surveyor, run my own property portfolio and am embarking out into the business world on my own. Therefore I’m very qualified to give you the low down on all things property.

What I’m changing up

This blog is here to re-shape the industry. I’m fed up for the cliques and the ‘stuffiness’ of it all, and to be honest It doesn’t need to be like that. The Real Estate industry is all about moulding bricks and mortar to provide safe, interesting and sustainable accommodation.

You need to position yourself within the industry where you will have the most fun. Therefore, the more you enjoy what you are doing the more you will get out of it and this will have such a positive impact on the industry!

What I am giving you

So, the NC Real Estate blog is right here to help you get more from the property industry.

Finally, my commitment to you is that you will get amazing, no messing around information. Which, in turn, will help you on your property journey.

I can’t wait to have you along for the ride!



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