Bridge to Let and other Finance Truths

The one thing that’s come out of Covid is that we can all seemingly get access to some sort of finance. Whether you were given grants, or you’ve taken advantage of the business bounceback loans (among so so many other schemes).


I’ve heard so many tales of people spending this money on fancy cars, or other designer goods… which of course will have to be paid back, whether via the loan or through increased taxes.


I’ve spent a lot of time researching whether the money can be used as a deposit… spoiler alert: it will be difficult!


Therefore this week, I sit down and talk to Shaz Ahmed. We go through property finance and FINANCE TRUTHS…


Including bridge to let, bridge to refinance, commercial, social housing, short term accommodation, overseas investors, and of course using bounce back loans as a source of deposit.


It’s an interesting chat AND Shaz is open about the lenders he uses for each different type of property and the interest rates you can expect to achieve.


Yet again, pens and paper at the ready for this incredibly insightful podcast.


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Was this interesting to you? Do you have any other subjects that you would like me to discuss on the podcast?




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