Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Jackie Tomes from Tomes Homes with me. She’s a property investment strategist and property investor and has built a property portfolio worth £6million in under 6 years. 

Listen to the full podcast here: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

Timestamps: Questions I ask in the POD

  • [10:17]  Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t come across you before, what is your background?
  • [13:08] What has been your best property investment deal to date?
  • [14:22] What types of property investments do you like to work on?
  • [21:38] One of our key messages is that you can run your property portfolio from anywhere, currently you are in France. Was that part the initial goal when you started your property portfolio? How did you make it happen?
  • [24:48] What does good quality rental accommodation look like to you? Do you believe it’s expensive to get a high end product?
  • [26:26] For any investors that are just starting out, what tips would you give them?
  • [30:07] For any successful investor what are the foundations that they MUST have in place in order to continue to grow?
  • [31:55] How do you find the confidence and motivation to keep expanding, even when there is so much negativity out there around landlords?
  • [33:43]What does the career of a full time property investor look like in the future for you?
  • [35:34] Finally, we are dealing with a global pandemic with Covid-19, do you see this having any impact on changing the property industry long term?
  • Again, here is the link to the full podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

About Jackie: On a Ski Holiday in 2013, I decided that I wanted to have more freedom and time than I could have in my job as a Qualitative Market Researcher… so that I could go lots of holidays and adventures with my husband Dave! That lead to the creation of Tomes Homes, which has since then built a £Multi-Million property portfolio of single lets Kent.

Where can you find Jackie online?

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