What is the Deregulation Act 2015?

What is the Deregulation Act 2015? You will have heard ALOT of property people talking about this but because it’s name doesn’t really specify what it means I will simplify it’s main points and then you need to use the link below to read through it properly. Here goes:

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Your Property Career Needs THIS

Your Career Lasts a Lifetime From the day you are released from education you are pushed into your career and the aim of you career is to keep building on the job you did last. Even in retirement you got the option to keep improving your life. Your Property Career Can Move In Unlimited Ways…

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Make Your Tenants Fall in Love – the Toilet Brush Story

Here’s a story about a beautiful Landlord / Tenant relationship; A few months back, a friend of mine moved into her new home. The Landlord met her outside the property to present her with the keys…and a TOILET BRUSH – a dazzling £15 one from John Lewis. You know why the Landlord had bought a…

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