Today, I’m excited to invite Faith Locken to the podcast where we discuss commercial, residential, risk and more.


If there’s one big takeaway you should be getting from Covid 19, is that going forward we need to diversify our portfolios to risk proof them.

That’s having a mix of residential property, plus if it’s your jam a sprinkling of commercial.

Markets are ALWAYS going to change, that’s inevitable. Yes, there will be demand for homes and so standard BTL’s will always be a popular investment (providing we buy in the right area).

However, we always need to be thinking about live, work and play… the three overarching categories of property, and how we can maximise that in our portfolio.

You’ve also got to remember, that what works for you, may not work for someone else and vice versa. Therefore you’ve got to build a portfolio that both excites you, but will also hit your goals in a changing market.

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