You are probably very fed up with talking about Coronavirus, but we have to because it’s causing such a stir and YES it is having an impact on the property market.

In this podcast, I explain how the virus is impacting me, which means it could be affecting you.

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I’ll also go through the 7 things you can do as a property investor to protect yourself in these uncertain times.

Here are some timestamps to lead you through the podcast:

>> New update: Interest rate at the time of recording is at a base rate of 0.25%. Listen to the beginning of the podcast to see how to best manage your properties.

>>[03:28] Richard Murphy wrote an article which he suggested tenants not paying for rent- BUT he also wrote that there should be a mortgage break for homeowners.

>>[07:47] There is hysteria at the moment – The stock and shares market has dropped.

>>[12:05] One of the good things about this situation is that the monetary policy comity will probably be cutting interest rates on the 26th March by 0.25% which is FAB.

>>[12:52] Where I’m being severely impacted is with my SA and AirBnb. Airbnb has now said that guests can cancel at any time if they are scared of contracting the coronavirus… Is this right?

>>[18:06] I’ve been thinking out the box to keep SA money coming in. What can I do to attract more local people to come and stay, i.e “Staycations”. Perhaps you can convert to long-term rental?

>>[21:10] House pricing is certainly dropping in the UK. If businesses are impacted, people may lose their jobs. No jobs= no lending and buyers may need to pull out.

>>[22:28] What can you do as a property investor in these trying times? LISTEN HERE for my top tips that property investors with different kinds properties can do.

What are your thoughts on the subject? How have you been affected and what are you doing to keep calm and change your strategy in these trying times?

Here is the link to the full podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

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