I see it, there seems to be some sort of imaginary competition in the investment world of who can ‘hustle’ hardest. Or who’s 10 X’ing things to make sure they achieve 10 X the success.

If you’re a fan of that stuff and it motivates you, please be my guest, continue with it.

However, if you’re like me, it completely makes me cringe. 

I’ve seen first hand how much working myself to the bone is detrimental for my health.

Instead I see success as having gaps in my day. Time to go to the doctor if I need help. Time to take the dog for a walk if I need a break. Time to settle into a project.

I HATE the thought of falling back into the trap of having to do more to be more successful… when I’m not even sure what success looks like anymore. 

In todays podcast I talk about this hype over 10 X’ing your goals and your life and instead looking at it a little differently…

I also go through my first take ont he budget. Seriously, I recorded myself looking at it for the first time and what my thoughts were! 

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I would like your takes on the budget please. What were your highs and lows?


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