Dear Teresa May, Let’s Brexit. {An Open Letter}

Dear Teresa May,

I felt compelled to write this open letter in support of you pressing forward and getting BREXIT resolved.

I didn’t vote to leave the EU, but I’m all for democracy. If the majority voted to leave, then let’s go.

However, I think we should be taking a different approach.

Firstly, the noise for a second referendum is overwhelming. If you are serious that ‘BREXIT means BREXIT’ then please can you publicly announce that you won’t be entertaining other than leaving. Once that’s done, Let’s BREXIT.

The press suggests there’s is a mutiny in the ranks, with your cabinet resigning. Fabulous, if they aren’t on board, that’s great they’ve helped you out by leaving.

Now you can focus on building a team who are on board to leave and who can negotiate the best deal. Take your time with this, and at this point, it really doesn’t matter what party, background, job they’ve got (I know Surveyors who negotiate for a living and don’t back down until they’ve got the job done), as long as you are all singing from the same hymn sheet we’re in a strong position.

Next comes the strategy. A list of every single thing you need to deal with as we leave. When does it need to be dealt with, what impact will it have if you don’t do anything about it and will the EU actually negotiate on it.

What do the citizens of the UK want? It will be pretty clear based upon why we voted leave and also why people want a second referendum, I’m sure you could come up with a one-size fits all exit plan. Any business coaches who teach the Ideal Customer Avatar would be best placed to put this together for you, use them!

Write out best case scenario and worst-case scenario.

Also, take the time to think about what the EU wants. How can we help them, where can we meet which will be mutually beneficial?

Lay it out straight, so it’s completely understandable.

Then organise those meetings with the EU, send your strongest team into bat. It’s go time.

Show up regardless. No postponing. No heading back to the ‘office’ with an unknown answer. Demand resolution and don’t leave until you’ve got it.

Someone has to take the strong approach and it has to be you. Who cares if people are calling for you to resign. Who cares if they heckle you in parliament. Who cares if they block everything you try to do. It’s inevitable, this was always going to happen, there never was a strong majority.

However, you get to choose how you rock up to BREXIT. Put that Reiss power suit on, those leopard print shoes, go get a mani / pedi, sleep for 8 hours a night… whatever it takes for you to be at 100%.

You’re the only one that’s got this right now and if you turn up as a strong decisive woman, create straight forward tactics and go for it, you will have the country behind you.

Then, there’s only two outcomes… eventually you get forced out, but hey you gave it your absolute all, so no regrets, you’ll go down in the history books of one of the most ambitious PM’s of all time.

Or, you get one freaking awesome deal, come back to the UK victorious with loads of money in the bank so that in your second act you bring those 14 million people out of poverty and the country rejoices.

Oh, and whilst you are closing the door on the EU you negotiate a policy whereby if any other country wants to leave the EU there is a 3rdparty mechanism that facilitates negotiations so that no other country has to go through this same struggle.

You are an inspiration.

There’s no loosing for you here. So, it’s time to step up. Let’s get decisive and let’s get it done.


All the best,

Natasha Collins