I don’t know about you, but lockdown has conjured up some weird coping mechanisms. I was pretty good at working from home, I would have my set hours and then get up and go and do something in the evening… even if that was finding a happy hour in a bar at the top of a tall building and have a glass of rose overlooking the city.

Nowadays, I find it harder to set boundaries for myself, as I don’t have anywhere to go once the day ends, so I accidentally sit here for longer and longer hours.

The only time we are going out is 7am for a dog walk and on Saturday evening we treated ourselves to date night… A drive Thru’ Sonic burger and peanut butter milkshake which we took to a Tesla charging station (to charge the Tesla) and ate it whilst watching the Inbetweeners on Netflix (unfortunately we couldn’t get into Walmart as they had too many people for the evening, that’s why we were out).

Which is why I’ve found it invaluable to keep up with my coaching calls. Having someone who challenges me to keep a healthy mindset PLUS set goals I can control so that I can quantify my progress keeps me feeling grounded yet proactive.

This week I invited my coach and very good friend Mel Savage to join me on the podcast.

Mel believes MINDSET IS AT LEAST 80% OF SUCCESS. You will be able to grow faster, achieve your goals easier, be more successful and manage your time more effectively when you learn to get really aware of managing what’s going on in your head.

I invite you to come and join us in this conversation to look at powerful goal setting techniques and how we can focus on achieving our goals, so that even in these crazy times we can still be achieving success.

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