‘Financial Freedom’? Here’s How {One Members Journey To Success}

Today I want to share with you a story from Sharon Griffiths. She’s been a Member of the Members Club since July 2017! From Sept 2017-Dec 2018 she’s purchased 5x B2L’s in her chosen investment area and has another one on the way. Plus she’s sold her own home and purchased another residential home that she now lives in. Here’s her journey to her own financial freedom:
In February 2017, I attended a Rich Dad, Poor Dad Legacy 3 day property investment course. I decided not to progress with the next stage.

I decided that I really did not know a lot about property investing and realised that I was a greater danger to myself as I didn’t know-enough.
Myself and my husband were caring for his elderly and frail parents and had a weekend free every 5 weeks.

I was also working four days for a national charity. Our savings were small and money was dwindling, as my pay didn’t cover our living costs.

I realised that I needed to work out what to do to get started in property investment.


By April 2017, I’d decided I didn’t want to be in same position in 2 years, with a risk of all our savings gone.

I created a pain so great, that I decided to commit 2 years to becoming financially free and not needing a JOB.  I also wanted no short cuts and wanted to be able to tell a story that would inspire others in the future, so that they could also be in a similar position…or better.

Jump to December 2018
I handed in my notice on 12/12/18 and now am financially free. 
Myself and my husband presently have a small portfolio of 5 properties, with another on the way.

What did I do:

March – April 2017—a self-audit for my starting point. My assets, barriers, capacity, time, desires, expectations and outcomes, financial situation, capacity and potential.  I also analysed 6 areas and property strategy

April – May 2017 – I identified my plan…sourced my team, maxed out on my 0% credit from credit cards and sourced funds for most of deposit for 1st property. I set a deadline for 1st June for viewings

I decided I needed to get educated to support me in my learning and application. Natasha became a mentor and I joined the members club. 

I also connected with others in different networking groups and did much learning about all aspects of property investment.

By September, plan was coming together.1st purchase, then 2nd in April 2018.

By December 2018 I had purchased 5 BTL’s and sold 1 house.

In December 2018 I handed in my notice.

February 1st..2019, I’m jobless…. financially free...7/7 days a week to choose what I want to do and to begin next steps of redesigning my life!

My top tips; based on my learning experiences:


  1. Know your starting point, spend time on this and you will get greater clarity about what you want to do and can do, accept what is and change what you want to
  2. Set out a plan, with timescales and accountability built in, review progress and embrace and celebrate success. Don’t beat yourself up, be kind to yourself, have faith in yourself and your plan, and tweak as progress or leanings occur
  3. Your journey is your journey and unique to you, don’t compare yourself to others, it can get depressing, but do respect and admire what others do and be prepared to learn from them and consider
  4. Money is the least limiting factor, if you perceive it to be the biggest limiting factor, then it will be. So you need to challenge you4 beliefs each time they become limiting. You are your biggest enabler or disabler as its you who are responsible for your choices and actions, your journey and your vision.
  5. Have clarity about vision and values and work towards the vision. Live your values, they’ll keep you strong when going gets tough
  6. Never stop learning. Or investing in yourself, And the greater the challenges, the greater the learning opportunities
  7. Its no good just learning, you’ve got to implement actions that work towards your goals
  8. Invest in yourself, Get educated, get a mentor or coach (or more than 1) that can help you when help is needed and that you can be accountable to, learn about and surround yourself by those you wish to be like
  9. If you know what you want to do, there will be a way…and as you push your boundaries and clear beliefs that are limiting, new opportunities arrive, maybe when you least expect them
  10. You are not an island, you cannot be successful on your own, your team is critical to your success., so build relationships, pay well and on time. Network with people you wish to connect with and potentially do business with
  11. Get a good broker and solicitor for purchasing properties and reliable and trustworthy sourcers and estate agents for sourcing properties
  12. Create your systems so there is less wastage with consistency in application
  13. Building relationships takes time and strong relationships are built on trust
  14. Have your finances in order, well in advance of 31st January and remain in contact with your accountant
  15. Do your due diligence and know your numbers, if they add up in relation to what you want to do, they work for you!
  16. The greatest leanings and breakthroughs invariably happen after the greatest challenges and you’d be surprised by the power within you
  17. The point of power is in the present moment- the past has gone, it cannot be changed, you can plan for the future but actions can only happen in the present



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