Do you ever work so hard that actually you end up forcing the matter? You end up not getting things 100% correct because you are trying to make it happen before it’s time?

I feel that the property investment industry can get you very much in this sort of space… forcing the situation… trying to buy properties before you find the right property because you feel like you need to keep up!

It’s a tough cycle to get into, because you want to achieve all of the goals you set for yourself, yet it can get so overwhelming to keep going… no break, this can also be disastrous for your wellbeing and health. So, to cope you force answers to questions, you make decisions without a clear mind and you push circumstances to happen, which may actually not be in your best interests.

It’s even tougher to diagnose that this is going on. The pattern of working constantly, becomes the norm, so anything less that that feels like laziness….

Yet it is at this point in the cycle that you need to stop and re-evaluate what exactly is going on. Do you really need to be working this hard? Who is expecting it of you?

I guarantee 9/10 that it is you forcing this upon yourself.

Take it from me, it’s OK to take a break… a refresh usually brings about clarity, smoother more harmonious thoughts which align with your goals and a recharge for your system.

It can be as simple as an hour walk in the park. Reading an interesting book. Going out and just switching off with your friends and family. But the MOST important thing is to give yourself permission to do this, go out there and live from the fresh perspective, and really be OK with it!

I promise this is what can lead to the best ideas and more importantly success in your property business…

With that it’s over and out for this most successful week of networking events and client successes! However, I’ve got one final question for you… Are your property goals working you too hard and if so how are you going to give yourself time out to recharge this weekend?


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