Every single day I get people asking me whether what I do is a scam… then when I question why it is they are asking, it turns out that they’ve been caught at a free event and pressured into spending £26k with a mentor.


It just blows me away that this is even a thing… its the sort of fees you would pay yearly for a surveyor to be a hands-on property manager for your multi-million-pound portfolio. NOT the sort of thing a newbie investor should be forking out to pay for property number 1.

Seriously, that right there is a good deposit on your next property.

Now I absolutely believe that if you want someone to work with you that you should pay them a fee… as a surveyor and you being my client that means that I’m insured to give you advice AND the level of my fee depends on the amount of advice I can give you.

It means that if you decide to sue me, there is insurance and repercussions for that.

However, non-regulated coaches and trainers have absolutely none of that. They are simply doing it for greed and because they are good at the hard sell tactics that make you feel like you’ve got no other choice than to buy what they are offering. Even though its probably some one size fits all scheme with no personality.

I’m not going to name names here and point fingers – I’ve never ever been to those free days for property courses. I trained through years of professional experience with other chartered surveyors. I’ve run £500 million of assets. I’ve been educated through an accredited university and of course, I’ve had the best surveying training through the RICS. I’m not a professional marketer who sees property as a fast buck. I’m a chartered surveyor, a property professional. A woman who is determined to make the property industry the best place it can be.

I will never ever give anyone less than the best. I will always be honest and transparent. I owe a duty of care to every single one of you and will always act with integrity.

If you don’t get that feeling where you can trust someone to give you the best. If you feel squeamish paying that ridiculous fee and your gut is telling you no. Don’t do it. Go and find knowledge, training, support somewhere where it feels good otherwise you will never perform at your highest potential.

Look after yourself in this industry. There are people here who will work with you to propel you to success and those who just want your money. Choose wisely.


P.S. In the interest of honesty, my services at the moment are £37 per month for the Members Club and £5,000 for the Mentorship and it will always be me in every single session!