Here’s The Life Lessons You Should Adopt RIGHT NOW

This week I asked, in the Property Investment Mastery Facebook Group, ‘If you could give your 10 year younger self, one piece of advice in one sentence, what would it be?’

I received 73 amazing responses, and I’ve picked the top 10 below to share with you, because these are the life lessons we all need, enjoy!
  1. Buy as much property as you can in London.
  2. Find ways to raise more deposits
  3. Take action, have patience and trust the process!!
  4. Listen to your inner whisper and Believe it and seriously consider it
  5. Listen to advice from someone that has succeeded in business, not the corner shop owner who thinks they own Morrisons… spent too much of my time listening to landlords that had one or two properties thinking they knew how the market works…..they still have one or 2 properties, I listened to the person who told me I could do it
  6. Get into property and keep investing and reinvesting
  7. Team work makes the dream work – don’t try do it all on your own but instead focus on building a team and using leverage
  8. Be patient, it is all coming to you at the right time
  9. I realised that I needed to learn to be happy with what I had not constantly thinking the next thing will make me happy When you’re learning this you become happier to take risks with what you have which in turn has made me more successful
  10. If you’re ever worried over a decision…. just think ‘will this really matter in five years?’


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