Holiday Let Hotspot – Where I’d Buy A Holiday Let Right Now.

 A study from Hitachi Personal Finance and AirDNA says the top five places to own a holiday let in the UK right now are:

1) Bath

Which you all know I have holiday lets there. I will be buying another one in bath this year. I’m just looking for the perfect property to come available.

2) Oxford

3) Brighton and Hove

4) London

5) Cambridge

But where else would I look in the UK?

Well Windsor is pretty appealing to me. Windsor is a really interesting place for the rest of the world right now. Come on, Meghan and Harry got married there last year. It’s a beautiful high street. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Bath. It’s really easy to get into central London from there and it’s cheap! Also, it’s really close to Heathrow.I mean it doesn’t take that long at all and if you’re driving, fantastic.

You can buy a two bedroom house for around 350,000 pounds and you’re looking at getting 85 pounds to 200 pounds a night depending on the season. So actually, it could be a good little earner if you were to buy that sort of property.


Another place it really makes me swoon is Stroud and the surrounding villages. Now Stroud has a train station where you can get direct to London and I think that’s really, really important. It is also going to be on the new Heathrow line in the next 10 years or whenever that’s going to come out.


You can buy a two bedroom cottage for around 285,000 pounds. Again, you’ll be letting this out anywhere between 60 pounds per night and the low season to 130 to 170 pounds per night in the high season.


Of course there’s some weekends throughout where there’s local air shows or there’s other reasons for people to come into town where you could attract the higher amount of money.


People love going to this area is absolutely beautiful. Your looking at walkers, and families who like to get away from the big city. For me, it’s an ideal retreat and that’s why I’d be looking at it.




Finally, if you thought that you wanted to invest in Brighton and Hove and you’ve been completely out priced in the market, why not try Little Hampton. This other seaside town on the south coast has such easy train links to London.


You can get a two bedroom Q cottage for 200,000 pounds. Now you’re airbnb rentals at the moment aren’t going to be as high. You’re going to be looking at 65 pounds to a 100 maybe 120 pounds per night in the high season.


But, the beach is gorgeous and really easy to get to. You can take your dog as well. I went there from London quite regularly with my dog and it was a beautiful place to go.



So, really reasonable property, easy to get to, a complete alternative from Brighton and Hove.



Now, you may have noticed I have not looked in the North at all. That’s because I don’t invest in the North for Airbnbs. I would look more for buy to lets, I think that’s more appropriate. There’s a lot of service to accommodation up there but, there’s a huge surplus as well.



You don’t want to completely jump onto a market that’s oversupplied because you won’t be making the returns that you want to.


These areas that I’ve had a look at, you can still get good returns them. And hey, it’s a nice little holiday home for yourself to go and visit as well. That really is important to me. I want to go buy somewhere where I would want to go and stay for a week or two as well because that’s benefit of having these type of property investments.



Of course, if you’re looking around the world, there are some great locations – in the mountains, on the beach, ski resorts. Yes, I would love one of those, but I was looking in the UK because having something closer to home, I feel is really, really important.



So over to you!

Do you agree with me? Do you have other ideas where you would get an Airbnb? Make sure to comment below!



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