How I’ve Benefited From Investing In Property

 Since I started investing, there are a number of things I have been able to do because of my property portfolio.

 The first thing is that it’s a completely alternative savings plans.

Since buying my first property, I don’t have to think as much about saving, which I’m not particularly good at. Instead, I can use my rental income as that saving. So, I put it into a high interest account and when I can use it for reinvesting I’ve already got that pot there.

I can use my property investments and the money that I create through the rental income that I get and through the increase in capital value to reinvest into my next properties. I just keep using my money to buy something new, then reinvest because I’m planning for the future, and applying for the fact that probably in the next five years I’m going to be wanting to have kids.

I definitely need to replace all of my income streams so that my property portfolio can pay for that, if I choose to take time off over the first couple of years to raise my child. I’m just giving myself options and investing in property completely allows me to do that.

Secondly, it’s allowed me to launch my business and see real estate.

That doesn’t just happen. I have team members that I’ve had to pay from the beginning, before I had clients for that. I had to learn to advertise and set up my website.

I had to start from scratch when I started my own business and that doesn’t come for free. I didn’t just pick that up immediately and think, oh, I’m in business now, I know all the answers.

My property portfolio has really paid for the learning that has gone behind growing my business which is fantastic!

Having my own business is actually another investment. As it grows it’s going to be able to continue paying for me and the things that I actually enjoy doing.

Investing in property has allowed me to pay for holidays and presents that I wouldn’t have been able to pay for otherwise from my salary job at the time when I first started out. It was a really good way that I could afford Christmas by taking some money out of my property portfolio. Yes, of course you have to pay tax on it. But it was that little bit of extra money that I needed.

As well as that, it gives me separate bank accounts so that when I do want to buy those presents for my partner, I can do that without him knowing exactly what I’ve bought him and that’s brilliant because it gives that element of secrecy and surprise.

My property portfolio has also paid for me to travel the world. I’ve been to Australia, South Africa, all around Europe and I’ve come to America so often. All of that is based upon that additional income from my property portfolio.

So investing in property has been a real bonus. As long as I continue to grow that, it continues to give me the results that I love.

It’s that additional income – that extra supplement and more than anything it’s great fallback plan for me. In case everything goes wrong with my other income streams, I’ve still got that income coming from my property portfolio.

Having multiple property investments as well means I’m diversifying that risk. I’m not just relying on one property to pay me an income. I’m relying on different properties to pay me an income so that if I don’t have a tenant in one property at a certain time, that’s okay.

So, that’s the benefit of why I invest in property. You can do the same too! You really, really can.


I now what to hear from you. Has this made you excited to get into property investment? Have you experienced other benefits from property investment?

Let me know in the comments section below.


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