This podcast answers the 6th most asked question I get! I give you 9 challenges that stop property investors from growing and then guide you with how to leap over the hurdle!

This week, I discuss how to grow your portfolio and the hurdles you need to get over in order to get there. Listen to the full podcast here: 

Also, if you want to work with me to grow your property portfolio, now’s the time, click this link to join the Members Club now: 

Here are some timestamps to lead you through today’s podcast:

>>[0:00-5:34] Members Club Opening! 24th-27th February (12pm UK time)- ONLY… What does this mean for you and your property portfolio? Listen here to find out what we offer with your monthly subscription.

>>[05:29] Talking about growth using my Property Investment Success Cycle. This is something I live by to develop my own personal strategies and those of my clients.

>>[09:14] When you get to a plateau and don’t know how to expand… This has happened to all of us, hasn’t it? What’s the first point to check? YOUR MINDSET! Even one negative thought has the possibility to derail your best efforts…

>>[10:48] It’s ALL about mindset: “I’ve got no money”; “I can’t get anymore borrowing”; “I’ve had a bad experience with sourcers/ property managers etc…”; “My property won’t pay me out”…HINT: It’s time to change these negative positions!

>>[13:37] Here I share some typical problems and challenges my Members experience on the NCRE Members’ Club. “You’ve been bidding on properties but nothing is coming of it…”What can you do?

>>[17:49] Have you been let down by a managing agent? They may be putting on huge costs on you. Have you checked your contract that they can do this? What else can you do?

>>[19:08] You’re not growing because you’re scared about not finding finance… Here’s what you can do. (P.S. Have you seen how many new lenders there are on the market now?)

>>[19:48] Are you worried about tax changes? There are so many ways around this! HINT: get a great accountant to help you.

>>[21:28] In March, the Members’ Club is doing a Deal Analysis package. This is a CRUCIAL part of what you need to do… Join here: It’s ONLY open until the 27th February at 12PM UK time.

>>[23:52] Surround yourself with people and property investors that you want to be like. Be involved with people who inspire you and help you to keep moving forward.

>>[28:09] Growth is about changing where you are today. It’s about opening new doors for yourself. It’s about you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone- that’s where the real change happens!

Again, here is the link to listen to the full podcast:

If you want to work with me to grow your property portfolio, use my resources and be apart of an incredible property community, the Members Club is open for this week only- until the 27th Feb. Now’s the time! You will be able to book your first 1:1 as soon as you sign up. Click this link to join the Members Club now:

I can’t wait to see you over on the Members’ Club! For now, enjoy the podcast and let me know how it has helped you!


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