Wow, it’s be a fabulous year at NC Real Estate. As I sit here reflecting back over the last 12 months, lots have changed.

I started off with a 1:1 coaching program and as awesome as it was, I felt like I couldn’t reach as many people as I wanted to AND I was very aware that I wanted to make my services available to all. The idea of a ‘surveyor in your pocket’ kept bugging me. When I couldn’t let it fester any more I changed and started creating the Members’ Club. The result has been phenomenal, my Members getting the best of my information as a surveyor, for as long as they want and if they need me I’m there. Members are getting outstanding results with Members being under offer on 1, 2 and 3 properties within 3 weeks of joining… amazing.

I want every single person who walks through the doors of the Members’ Club (not literally, it is online!) to feel welcome and to get the training that a Surveyor would get and be able to implement the tools into priming and perfecting their portfolios immediately. I think I’ve achieve that… I’m certainly sure my Members do too.

If you have been sitting on the fence about joining, I suggest you come straight over. The sooner you join the more progress you will make RIGHT NOW.

I’ve also been overwhelmed at the way my Supercharge Your Wellbeing seminars have taken off within the property industry. This year the conversation around Wellbeing has started and it’s now a sell out every single time I run it.

I’m so incredible proud of everyone who has made life changing results and been a part of this because of the Members’ Club and Supercharge Your Wellbeing. It’s all I wanted, to make sure you are a success. In 2018 I will be continuing this journey even further and you are more than welcome to join me (if success is for you of course!!).

Now my attentions turn to the future and its Christmas time! NC Real Estate is closed from the 22nd December 2017 to the 2nd January 2018 as we enjoy time with our family, friends and just generally take the time to refresh, after all that’s what this time of the year is for. I’m excited as I’m heading to Australia on the 26th December for an exciting holiday. If you are in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney and want to catch up for a coffee or ice cold beer, then do get in contact Natasha@ncrealestate.co.uk. I will then be flying back via Hong Kong to give some awesome lectures on confidence to my students based there. I’m very excited… I love an adventure!!

Thank you for following NC Real Estate this year. It’s been a pleasure having you here.

Enjoy the festivities that this time of year brings. Look after yourself, have fun and enjoy the simple things.

I’ll see you in 2018, ready for the start of another amazing year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. NC

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