The tough stat this week is that the British Economy apparently contracted by 20% in April… that doesn’t pose well for the shape of things when the Government’s furlough schemes end and businesses have to make a decision as to whether they can still afford to keep staff on, or let them go because their company is collapsing.


Only time will tell as to how bad that will be.


Whilst it all seems a little doomsday, I’ve still been looking to invest in commercial and mixed use property.


I’m optimistic that after a few slow years there will be opportunities for innovation and changing the shape of high streets and offices, into more dynamic spaces that can be opened up or closed down depending on what’s needed at the time.


However, I also know that in order to get a mortgage on a commercial or mixed use property you definitely need to have tenants in situ, which is why I’m looking to scoop up properties from Landlords who can’t wait to get out of this sector.


Therefore, as it’s high on my agenda, I have dedicated this weeks podcast to Commercial and Mixed Use Property Investment. I answer the question, is it really worth it?


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Was this interesting to you? Do you have commercial property in your portfolio?



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