It’s my Birthday and I’ll pod if I want to

There are a few times a year where I like to throw caution to the wind and put out a silly podcast (If you are here for property investment only, skip this one… it’s definitely not property-related!).

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It’s my birthday week and this year I’ve decided to celebrate in style. I’ve invited my Mum, sister Sophie and best friend Rach back on the podcast to talk with me about some questions that I’ve got:

* The Guardians Bridie Jabour suggests that 31 is the age of misery (Because most millennials aren’t living up to societies norms) – do you think there actually is an age of misery?

* Where have you felt most confident in the past but now don’t care?

* Do you ever get ’small but mighty moments’ where somethings clicked? What’s happened recently for you?

* Does risk change as you get older? What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done and what age?

* COMPARISON – Do you stop comparing yourself to others the older you get?

* Are there rules for throwing birthday parties? Are you meant to throw your own (I do)?

* When you hit your 30’s what’s too much wine? As I’ve got older it creeps more and more into my life in that, I really enjoy a glass or 2 of it, so have a bottle in the fridge. I didn’t do that in my early 20’s.

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Here are some timestamps to lead you through the podcast:

[1:19] It’s my birthday podcast so today is going to be different. My guest speakers today will be my mum Melanie, my sister Sophie and my best friend, Rach. 

[2:22] Is there an age of Misery and if so, what age is it? 

[6:00] Being in your 30’s and making money (+ doing something that makes you happy)

[8:30] When did you feel most confident in your life about wanting a certain goal, which you now just don’t care about? (Mine was climbing the corporate ladder)

[12:58] Have you ever done something really small that has had a significant impact on your life? Rach: Volunteering in Jamaica for Disaster Managment and ending up coming home and studying a degree in it. 

[22:22] My mentor would always say, “If on-one’s died, you’ve got 24hrs”. 

[25:58] Social Media and comparing yourself to others. 

[32:07] Meatball and pineapple pizza! Try it! 

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