Just before I started recording this podcast I had some breaking news about the Leasehold Tribunal, so let me share that with you first…

Then, after weeks of refurbishing my SA and also hundreds of renovations I’ve completed over the last 11 years, I’ll share where I now spend money on kitting out rentals and where I absolutely wouldn’t. I also share where you can get free stuff, including boilers AND I give you a bonus money-saving tip at the end with how you should fit out commercial property.

Here are a few timestamps to lead you through the podcast:

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>>01:12: Latest update on the Leasehold Tribunal: the counter submission has been handed in.

>>05:38: One of my biggest concerns was that they were trying to put all the legal costs on us as leaseholders. {This was NOT ON!}

>>10:06: 1. Recommendation from me: If you’re in a leasehold property, please keep filed notes of everything that’s been sent to you- and in dated order. 2. Don’t be worried if you’ve been sent to the tribunal. It’s not scary! Usually, a settlement happens before the tribunal anyway.

>>12:11: If you want to buy a leasehold property and it has a dispute like this on it that hasn’t been settled, then don’t buy it. It’s costly and extremely time-consuming to sort out!

>>15:22: This is where I’d spend my money kitting out a rental property; I’ve been refurbing my rental property for the past 8 weeks, and this is my list:

>>16:00: You DON’T need to spend a lot of money. Primary pillows work just fine, and I get all my sheets from Amazon. They are easily replaceable and none of my tenants/ guests has ever complained about the quality.

>>17:03: Get a wall mount TV. You don’t want guests fiddling with the back of the TV and breaking it.

>>18:00 Get a mattress protector and get carpets with a 7-10 year life span.

>>20:20 Invest in the middle of the rung bathroom suite. £350-450 is a good amount. Oh, and when it comes to an extractor fan, do not skimp! Get the best money can buy…

>>24:20: It may be a personal preference but I always invest in a steam-free mirror.

>>26:12: Listen here for FREE things you can apply for to make your property the best!

>>28:59: BONUS! With commercial properties, don’t spend a lot on this. Offer your tenants a rent-free period so that can add to the property as they would like.

There you have it. There are a couple of timestamps to lead you through the podcast. Listen to the full podcast here to get the full scope: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

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