My Grandma came to work with me today and I haven’t learnt so much goodness in such a long time. Read on to find out what my Grandma taught me about life and being an entrepreneur!

My Grandparent

My Grandma is forgetful and will definitely repeat a conversation with you time and time again, but she is the most inspiring woman to hang out with.

Today, I popped in on her, on a very very brief visit back to Bath. I knew that I had to get to one of my properties and measure up for certain things and look at the condition. And then get my rental car back to London by 5pm.

Undeterred by my rushing, Grandma wanted to come along for a day at work. She’s not the fastest person and so slowly and carefully settled herself into the passenger seat and off we went.

Driving around, she gave me a tour of ‘her’ Bath. Buildings she had lived in or gone to school or worked in. Places that were close to her heart. Getting out of the car, Grandma took everything slowly. She was patient with herself, pausing to look at everything.

Unexpected Kindness

Whenever people passed by she would engage them. A simple wave, hello or a comment about the situation. AND PEOPLE RESPONDED, they wanted to talk or engage. It was lovely.

When I got back into the car Grandma said to me ‘I like to chat people up, you never know who’s day you are going to make or who you are going to meet’.

WOW! It was such a fun day, we were laughing. Grandma was giggling at the conversations she was overhearing and then jumping in and having her say.

Rather than a day full of hectic-ness, I had completed everything, but at a pace slower than I was used to. It was fabulous, and full of joy because people were conversing and enjoying it.

Lesson Learnt

Im not good at patience and slow, but I enjoyed it. I learnt something very valuable, look at everything and if you are interacting with someone actually engage them. It’s a game changer and such a nicer, healthier way to live.

I’m going to take this forward and try and use it daily, be very present when I engage with someone and slow down, enjoy what I am doing and make the most of the moment.

Thanks Grandma, I’m excited for the next tim you come to work with me!


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