Members Club Successes

I wanted to come to you with this blog because over the last couple of days I have had 4 one to ones with clients in the members club which make me so excited!

Their successes are incredible! The goals that they’ve set for themselves when they joined, they’ve either completely smashed or they are so close to achieving them.

For some of these members, they have been with me in the members club for two months. For others, they’ve been with me for eighteen months. The super exciting thing for me is that I have worked with them through difficulties, highs and through their really challenging times. They’ve come out the other side and are getting to exactly where they wanted to be.

This blog is all about sharing some of those successes because I want to show you what can be achieved if you put in the work!

Case study 1 is from a call that I had today with a member who joined me on the 30th of November. He has only been with me for about a month and a half.

In that space of time he has set up a limited company and is now under offer on his first buy to let. He has simultaneously bought his own property that he is going to move into and live in.

 Today we have been focusing on finance raising strategies. This means that as soon as this property is bought, he will be able to buy a second buy to let. Not only that, we put in place a strategy where he can go out and look for those properties to start making offers that work for him.

Everything about this journey is about finding properties that suit his strategy and the price he should be making in order to buy the properties that align with his goals.

Now, rather than going out there and thinking ‘oh my gosh, a property is too high’, I’m encouraging him to put offers in at a price that he wants to pay. He has time on his side at the moment. He doesn’t necessarily need to buy something immediately – he can wait until he’s done this next property and then buy another one.

This is a system he can recycle again and again until he’s got enough properties that completely hit his goals.

He has had a phenomenal achievement in such a short space of time!

Case study 2 is a member who has been with me since July 2017.

She impresses me every single time I talk to her! She makes me so proud.

She just got to the level where she can hand in her notice to her job and live off the income produced from her 6 properties. These are properties she has bought since last February 2018.

She spent six months learning about the property investment industry, where she wanted to invest, and put together a strategy that she has never diverted away from. 

That has meant that every month to a month and a half she’s gone on to offer on a new property and then bought it!

Her final property she is just letting out at the moment. Once they are all let, she will be generating that income. This will allow her to travel and see parts of Europe and the UK which she has always wanted to see!

In our last phone call I was blown away by the amount that she’s achieved. Even the fact that she phoned me to let me know that she’d given in her notice – I cannot believe it!

From here on out, she will be managing her portfolio to increase the rental income and be able to buy more properties. As well as, helping other people invest. If she finds a property that she doesn’t necessarily want she can then give that on to another person and help them with the process too!

This means that the industry is constantly growing. Landlords who are absolutely wonderful at looking after their tenants, but property investors who are also great at finding deals and the mortgage products to go with them so that they can continually invest.

That is exactly what I think the industry needs right now! 

Case study number 3 is from an investor who is living overseas. He wants to invest down two different pathways: one in the country he is living in and one in the UK.

Now, he’s already got a handful of properties in the UK but felt completely overwhelmed with what to do next.

During the call this week we talked about how he could actually have both! All he has to do is learn how to diversify his assets and who the right people to talk to and work with are. This would allow him to continue moving forward.

That means that he is going to be able to buy one property in Spain and one property in Birmingham in the UK.

This is based upon a 30 minute one to one where I set him up with that strategy!

Now, I’m getting really positive updates about what he is achieving and the fact that he is unstuck. 

Every Friday I put out a celebration post in the members club where members can celebrate their successes.  I have posted some of them below:



You might have noticed that I do keep client’s names confidential. But, I wanted to share these impressive things because I just get so excited about what you can achieve when you are dedicated to your goals and you keep asking the right questions.

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I cannot wait to see what everyone achieves over 2019!

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