My favourite renovation project was…

My favourite renovation project was…

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One of my favourite renovations that I’ve ever done was one of the very first ones I did when I first was a graduate surveyor. This one was in Earl’s Court. My remit for my client at the time was to turn the ground and basement floor bridge club into three flats and it was going to be a one bed flat and two 2 bed flats.

I was involved from the very beginning. Which included getting planning permission on that. And actually it was pretty straight forward because the use was sui generous, it had a wide range of uses. It was just about fitting in the right space. We did try for four flats, but that didn’t work. The basement didn’t have enough light for two flats down there, so we made one big two bedroom flat and it was gorgeous.

It took roughly 18 months from start to finish, including planning. We got planning phenomenally quickly and I oversaw the building surveyors, the contractors, working with the council to get all of building control sign off and then finally I got to decorate it.

My client gave me free run to just do what I want to do.

So I went out and I chose these beautiful laminate hardwood laminate floors that were oak color. I painted the walls, this grey silver color for two of the flats and one of the flats I painted it a really nice bright white because I had spotlights coming down.

I got to design the kitchens, which were amazing and each of the flats had different kitchens. One flat would work for a three person family, one flat that wouldn’t work for maybe a slightly bigger family and then one flat that would work for a for a couple. So I very much tailor made the kitchens to suit that and then I furnished it accordingly and had different furnishings in all of the flats and they look absolutely stunning.

Once I was finished and they let out the minute they went on the market, just instantly, we had a family in the basement. Actually two sets of students in one of the two beds, so two couples. And then I had a single person move into the one bed flat. It was a Gorgeous building, so close to central London.

The owner was getting £5,000 pounds per quarter from the Bridge Club. We were then getting at £7,500 per month for all three of those flats. So it was a great renovation.