Happy 2018! We are here and the New Year has started. I really hope that your holiday season was epic, you enjoyed lots of excitement with your friends and family and that you had time to switch off and relax.

For me the holidays are a time of reflection, what’s working, what’s not working and figuring out how much down time I need in order to be able to function like a property human being.

Do you get carried away by this? In December I can work hard, drink a lot in celebrations and still continue going. I had a great December, travelling across the country, speaking at events and working closely with my Members’ Club Members to see them soar in the run up to the closing of the year.

I enjoy it, I love it, it’s my passion.

However, I too am only a mere mortal, and so can be left feeling out of control, unable to sleep, but also super tired. And HRAGH (yes that’s a noise) I hate that feeling!!

So my new years resolution is to monitor my rest, I’m going to make more time for actual rest, down time where I’m not performing. I love reading and writing and so that is going to be a focus of my off time.

When I shifted NC Real Estate from a consultancy to a Members Club, one of the big changes I made was a day off a week… it made a tremendous difference to my productivity and made my happiness expand in so many awesome ways. One day a week now will translate into one hour a day, actively nourishing my wellbeing and making room for space… space to just be!

I’m excited for the year ahead, as with everyone I’m sure you are looking forward to it with anticipation, excitement, joy and a maybe a little sprinkle of fear.

I’m celebrating my resolutions and I cannot wait to make them a reality:

I’m going to continue to make the Members’ Club the best online space for Property Investors and Landlords. I’m going to take time for rest and I’m going to have an awesome time doing both.

I hope you are coming along for the ride?

Again, happy new year, may this one be your best one yet!



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