I’m discussing No More Mortgage Interest Tax Relief, how Our Clients Mean the World to Us and Property Investment Mastery Networking, but first let me begin with a reality check…

Reality Check

When you work for yourself it’s sometimes easy to completely over think and then head all the way round the houses in your mind and completely forget where you were headed in the first place.

That’s how it’s definitely felt with this blog. Prior to coming back after the New Year I really had lost my footing with it. Previously, I was writing four times a week and I loved it. But with business hotting up, it’s just not quite so possible to put something awesome out four times a week. I definitely don’t want to compromise quality for quality.

However, reading around the newspapers, I remember why I got into blogging and that was to put my viewpoint across and write really awesome articles.

I want to recommit to you, my readers, that I am still here and I am still committed to putting out every single thing I feel and really useful content for you. However, it may just come to you in one or two editions a week, rather than four.

No More Mortgage Interest Tax Relief

OK, so this week, a huge topic on every property person’s lips is the new tax changes. It will make a huge difference to your profits on regular buy to lets in your own name. To help you calculate it I have put together a spreadsheet on the Property Investment Mastery Facebook group.

Yet, whilst everyone is up in arms (Yes, I’m even getting folks telling me that I am ridiculous for keeping a couple of properties in my own name) I feel that it is to my advantage to not put all my eggs, a.k.a properties, in the limited company basket.

The first is that having a couple of income generating properties in my own name helps to show I have a personal income. Whilst I am building my business all of that money is pretty much reinvested into the business to make sure we are expanding and able to really love on all of our clients. So I don’t want to rely on that to show income because if it’s needed for NC Real Estate, that’s definitely where it is going. So I use the income from the properties in my own name to show income and allow me to borrow for my Limited company.

Secondly, whilst holiday lets are subject to that extra 3% stamp duty, furnished holiday lettings are exempt from the new rules. So, mortgage interest can still be deducted. Therefore, in light of this I am keeping my holiday let in my own name too, again it boosts income!

I think that scare mongering in the property industry is rife. You have to ride the wave as it comes and not worry about the what ifs. We’ve all been dealt a hand and so we are going to play it to the best of our advantage, and for me this works. Maybe in 2,3,4,5 years’ time it won’t, but today it does. I want to urge you not to listen to what other people are doing and invest in a good accountant. Let them guide you along your own path and then seek out some great mentors to help you with the strategy, at NC Real Estate this is what we are great at. Listening to your goals and then working with you to achieve that. It just can’t work any other way for us.

Our Clients Mean the World to Us

This has been another huge part of my week. I’ve been really sitting down and exploring how NC Real Estate continues to treat our clients. Yes, everyone wants to make sure their client gets the best service. But I’ve really been detailing how our clients feel once they have worked with us. I want everyone who works with us to experience the love we give out. Both for the property industry and our clients. Our services add more value than expected, and every single little matter is given the attention it deserves. After all it is a puzzle piece which cannot be missed, otherwise the whole thing will be incomplete. We are focused on the transformation, and we are here to serve to the highest ability, no less.

Property Investment Mastery Networking

I am launching an NC Real Estate networking event. It is a chance for likeminded people to meet up and chat property investing. It’s also a chance for those who haven’t yet got access to our services to come  and catch up. Ask me your questions, and let me discuss your portfolio with you (after all that’s my favourite thing!).

The first event is being held on Tuesday 24th January @ 18:30pm – 20:00pm at the Heliot Lounge in the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square. It’s free, and you can book your tickets right HERE. Spaces are limited so sign up quickly to reserve your spot, I can’t wait to meet everyone!

As far as blog posts go, I think I’m back on my game. Now, I would love to hear from you. What are you doing about no more mortgage interest rate relief? What sort of customer service do you expect? And, will you be coming networking? Let me know in the comments section below!


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