The NC Real Estate team has a collective passion for interior design. It’s a subject that when I brought it up everyone jumped on. So, as we are developing more projects, we have to get design savvy and so we are bringing you guys along for the ride. Every Friday we will bring you our best findings of the week, after all what’s being in property if you can’t get a little creative?

Our Passion for Interior Design

I’ve always dreamed of taking on an Interior Design project; ‘putting things together’ always came so naturally to me. That’s why I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to take on a refurbishment project of my choice. I’m having so much fun searching for places that need some tender love and care. I suppose it’s the thought of the potential and what these places could be that gets my imagination revving to new heights.

Aside from looking for potential buildings in potential areas, I’ve bought a couple of recent Interior Design magazines and have been scouting around the internet for ideas and inspiration on the latest trends. It’s been an inspiring start to my new project; colours, fabrics, textures, paint, decorative ornaments, combinations of unexpected materials.

Below are a couple of ideas that I really enjoyed:

Tropical Wallpaper Prints

Tropical wallpaper for one's home

The idea is to bring nature into one’s home.


I love the idea of brightening up a SMALL corner, or area with lively tropical wallpaper prints.  Often these prints can be quite overwhelming on a large area, so I think a small guest bathroom would suit the designs well. The prints might even work well on the area above and around your front door. As long as the space is quite contained and naturally bordered by walls etc… I think it would work .


Marble and Brass Combinations

Heavy authentic brass pot – what’s cooking?

Ohh, this mixture of classic and modern is a beautiful combination. Imagine a kitchen kitted out with a vast, clean, bright and natural piece of marble as its centerpiece- and how beautifully contrasted a set of brightly polished, yet dented and authentic brass pots would complement it.


Quirky Lighting

Lamps for bathroom, Interior design

These stunning lamps would look beautiful in a bathroom. Their orb shapes give me a sense of relaxation. How do you like them?


Lighting is not just a practical consideration, it’s more of a piece of expression. For me, my bedroom has to be warmly-lit and relaxing. It has to be in strong contrast to the busy-ness of the outside world.

Think of lighting as an accessory for your home—it’s the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibility. “A quirky lighting fixture looks great in a dining room,” Huh says. “It’s a great space to go for it and do something unusual.” Also consider sprucing up your bedside lamps with something truly memorable.

Artisan-Crafted Furniture

There is nothing like walking into a room and your eyes meeting a beautifully hand-crafted statement piece. I’m talking about a set of dining room chairs that take centre-stage, or a refined arm c

Interior Design Luna Chair

This Luna (or Orb) chair gives an element of neutrality to a busy room with its texture and curve.

hair to soften a corner of a room.


One particular chair that caught my attention, was the Luna (or Orb) chair. It’s full of texture and curve, while being comfortable and adaptable at the same time. The fabric covered Luna

chairs are great because they can add that element of neutrality (think grey’s, tans etc…), but also stand out because of their unique shape. I particularly liked this one.






So, now I want to hear from you? What did you think of our new feature? Has this given you some great design tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

NC & The NCRE Team

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