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Happy New Year!

Did you manage to take some time off over the break?

I did… two whole weeks mostly away from my computer. OK, I’m terrible at putting my feet up, but I loved getting creative with DIY and adding a design twist to our lake house. I’m excited to live here for a few months before it goes on Air BnB!

If you want to see progress, come follow me on Instagram @natashaccollins

(In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, I think I’ll make this house renovation an end of year tradition. Buy something new, do it up, move on in two weeks over Christmas!)

These two weeks also gave me time to think, what will 2021 bring?

I’m not a New Year Resolution kinda gal. I take this time to set business goals, so that my team and I have something to aim for.

This year it’s to double the number of Members in the Members Club and double my Surveyor team as I’m going to need more hands on deck to support all of these portfolios.

Personally, I’m open to what happens.In terms of the property market… I’ll give it to you like the weather forecast.


A stable market. More tax hikes for second home owners and investors (see the precedent set in Wales and Rushi’s need to raise income). No SDLT STILL for first time buyers and single home owners. Even harder hoops to jump through for lending for both. All of this will keep market values stagnant. Oh… I also think rents will stagnate to and probably be capped at universal credit levels.

Invest in moving assets which will grow over a 10 year period, don’t look for the unicorn BRR in 6 months as lenders might not play ball.


A bloody mess. For big commercial tenants who’ve failed to communicate or paid rent (even whilst declaring profits) expect forfeiture on 1st April as Landlords have had enough. The potential changes to PDR will signal the demise of the high street as we know it regardless of Robert Jenrick and his £830 Million #futurehighstreetfund (OK mate, you’re going to save every high street with that are ya?!). Give it until 2025 and we’ll see if this is a good year… commercial market trends typically change every 5 years.

However the PDR will keep commercial values stable. Commercial landlords there’s still money to be made, just pick good tenants and think about tenant mix, please, I’m begging you as that’s the only way to keep your tenant trading.

That’s my 60 second pitch… you want all of my predictions AND what you should be focusing on right now, go listen to my podcast


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