Remove Your Money Blocks

I want to talk all about money blocks: how to find money, how to be more courageous with it, and just have a really, really great money conversation.

On my podcast I spoke with Louise Cartwright, about being a money coach. So, I have listed some of the key points from the podcast in this blog for you.


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How did you get into being a money coach?

I was really bad with money to be quite frank. I was very much a spender, so what I earned, I spent. Around 2011 / 2012 I accidentally became a business owner. I just decided to go and train as a personal trainer. I. And as it turned out, it kind of evolved and I set up a small studio. But during that time are we realized was that I didn’t feel good around money. I didn’t like to ask for it. I’d let clients leave without paying. I had to kind of constantly be giving, giving, giving, and it just didn’t feel good.

I was drinking huge amounts of wine every night to cope with the stress. I was depressed. But I came across something called Sacred Money archetype coaching. And, um, I became a coach in that. And that was the first time I realized that money blocks for an actual thing. And I ended up doing my NLP coaching. It was like somebody gave me a new brain. I started talking about money and it was really interesting to watch how other business owners reacted to my new conversations.


What are money blocks and how does it hold people back?

So money blocks really are just sort of a physical manifestation of a subconscious belief system. We’ve all heard our parents saying things like: “money doesn’t grow on trees, just be grateful for what you’ve got, don’t be greedy, don’t ask for things”. This manifests in business owners with things like over delivery.

So the consequence of feeling like they’ve got to earn every penny completely. They’ve got very few boundaries around their time, so they might give a lot of their time away for free. Particularly as well in this social media world, you know, constantly giving away free content.

Money blocks really are just about you and not about money. It tends to be to do with how you feel about yourself. So they’ll be around the expectations you have for yourself. So one of the ways I see it manifesting is that so many business people can’t dream big because they don’t actually believe deep down that it’s possible for them. So they’ll think about visions and dreams that are really just a few steps away from their current reality.

So you’ve got archetypes. You’ve got the accumulator who are like the scrooge and so they don’t want to spend and it limits the growth of their business because they won’t invest. And then you’ve got people like the ruler who have an inability to sort of turn off. They work 24/7 and keep moving the money goal posts.

So, it’s effectively just manifested in not having a great relationship with money. How you earned it, how much you have, how confident you want to talk about it… Ultimately what that results in, in my opinion, is quite a limited vision of your future.

Up until we know different, we are a product of our past, but the minute we know that we have the opportunity to then become a product of our consciousness and we can change what we want to have in our life.



Why is it relevant no matter what?

Because from my opinion, when you start looking at money, its often not standalone. There are other kinds of belief systems that are ingrained in that. It’s how you feel about yourself making that money and it’s a meaning that you give to money. So if you as an example, if you believe that money is the root to happiness, I would put a warning on that. I think that money can buy lots of things that can create periods of happiness. But mindset is everything. I mean, this is science, this is cognition.

If we can create much more of a relaxed conversation about money and we’ve got lots of people making lots of money, we can make a huge impact in the world, not just in our own lives.

So what is a healthy money mindset? What would you say that is?

I just think where it’s [money] not a thing, you know, I think this is the problem. There’s nobody out there saying, well, you know, Natasha deserves that amount of money. Louise deserves that amount of money. That’s all rubbish.

For me, a positive mindset around money is just expecting to have the lifestyle that you want to have and then doing what you need to do to go make that happen.


So you start with the mindset and you go take action.

It’s taking the action, but with the mindset of there is no other option apart from success.

No one goes from zero to millionaire without a lot of work.



So can we talk about some tips to becoming money conscious but also some real practical tips for anybody who is trying to buy that next property and is thinking, oh my gosh, where do I even start with getting financially savvy and feeling good about money?

So, that’s the first thing is be prepared to do what needs to be done. Don’t sit and wait for the genie to come along and give you the lamp to rub. Just go and have a look at where are you spending unnecessary money now on things or not, not creating anything better for your future.

Have a savings plan. If you don’t have a budget right now and you’re just spending willy nilly and this future investment is important to you, then have a budget. You know, decide this.

You’ve got to make it important for yourself and you’ve got to believe it’s possible.


Final question for you as a key takeaway for my listeners: How can you fall in love with this money journey that you inevitably have to now go on for the rest of your life?

We need to detach from it being about the money because if we make it all about the money, we can get sidetracked from everything else.

The second thing is, is to not make it a personal thing. So don’t make money, anything to do with you. You know, you’re not more or less deserving than somebody else.


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