I’ve just finished reading Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

Whilst it felt heavy to get through (it took me weeks… I’m usually done with books within days). I actually took on the teachings and whilst reading it, started to change up my daily habits.

To start,  the book harps on about how deliberate rest paves the way to genius ideas. The only way you get those ideas is through actually resting.

So I decided to try it.

Now, rest, for the purpose of this book doesn’t just mean doing nothing. It means doing something deliberately, other than work. That can be walking, exercise, games, music, sport, watching films, seeing friends, reading… or of course having a nap.

I realised that I already do ‘rest’ in my day, but I don’t do it in a restful way. I walk the dog for 60-90 mins, I gym. Both of which usually whilst emailing or listening to podcasts or on WhatsApp.

I also usually start my day by jumping straight on emails and then feeling like I have to rush the dog walk and then I’m sidetracked when I get home… finally get to the gym around lunchtime and then have to spend ages getting changed and ready for my day.

The long and short of it is that I feel like I’m at a bottle neck at every turn of the day. Which often leaves me thinking like I’m not getting anything done.

The one thing I am good at is going to bed early. I like to be in bed by 10 and then naturally I’m up without an alarm at some point between 6 and 7.

Using the tips I picked up from this book, I’ve switched out my workout to 6:15am. I get back, shower, change have breakfast and a coffee and then at 8am leave to walk the dog. I’m then feeling happily refreshed by 9:15 when I’m back at my desk with a second cup of coffee.

I then do a few hours work, stop at 12:30, have lunch, potter with Summer (the dog) then sort out any other loose ends, pick up calls and finish around 4-5 feeling good at what I’ve done.

Here’s the thing… I can also choose not to work the afternoons because I’ve had such a productive morning.

All through actively taking part in my rest time. I’ve cultivated a new routine, feel very much awake and am far more productive.

The best thing about this book is that it gives everyone the opportunity to work in their own rest. Definitely grab a copy, you’ll feel more refreshed for it.

I’m giving it 4 out of 5. It doesn’t quite nab the 5 because it was so research heavy so tough to read!! Apart from that, the advice is second to none.


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